En este momento estás viendo 5 steps to save on auto insurance up to 60%

5 steps to save on auto insurance up to 60%

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Wondering how to choose and save up to 88% on your auto insurance?

Year after year the size of the vehicle fleet increases. Today we have more than 42 million vehicles circulating in Mexico.

Proportionally, the number of accidents in our country grows every year. Today we are the 7th place in countries with the most accidents in the world.

In our country, almost 50 vehicle accidents per hour. Having auto insurance is not an option, but a necessity and an obligation.

In this article we help you find the best coverage on your own.

Follow these 5 steps to decide which is the ideal insurance for your car and get the best possible savings.

En México ocurren casi 50 accidentes vehiculares por hora. Consigue tu seguro de auto aquí.
In Mexico they spend almost 60 hourly vehicle accidents. Get your car insurance here.

Criteria to choose and save on your auto insurance

Before, you chose car coverage that “sounded good to you”, the ones your best friend from high school recommended, the cheap ones or the ones from famous insurers.

And it wasn't bad. Looking for insurance just for these factors is not exactly the most direct way to the best insurance for you . Now there is an easier way to do it, using an online comparer.

Most of the time we don't know anything about hedging . We go for the Civil Liability or the Compulsory Insurance to comply but do you know what a broad coverage is?

Do you know what each of the auto insurance coverage covers? Why is one more convenient for you than the other?


Step 1: Define your risks

To choose the coverage that suits you, do not go with the feint of the price or the brand that sounds like you, but the one that covers the risks THAT YOU need .

How do we know what risks we are most exposed to? Very simple: start with WHERE. The geographical area determines how likely certain claims are.

In which area of ​​the country will your vehicle circulate most frequently? The area where you circulate regularly is your base to analyze the risks of your car.

Some areas are more exposed to certain climatic phenomena, such as floods, lightning, fires, landslides, tremors, earthquakes, among other natural disasters.

There are other areas where certain vehicles are more likely to suffer a theft (total or partial) and / or an accident.

Check that the coverage of relevant risks is included. Ask for a higher or lower insured sum depending on the area for one or another coverage.

In each place, the coverage and therefore the cost of what you need will be different.

La zona geográfica determina la probabilidad de siniestros. Conocer los riesgos es clave para elegir tu seguro de auto ideal.
The geographical area determines the probability of claims. Knowing the risks is key to choosing your ideal auto insurance.

Step 2: Define the use of your vehicle

An insurance varies by the coverage and insured sums depending on the use that is going to be given to the insured property.

Choose the correct type of use to save on your auto insurance.

It is not the same to use a vehicle to transport people than to transport explosive materials.

The use of your vehicle changes the risks to which it will be exposed and the severity of the consequences. This modifies the price with enormous variations.

If you had a pick up to transport non-dangerous objects (for example, for removals), when you quote your insurance, you must choose the use of cargo.

Make sure the type of cargo covers what you are going to transport.


On the other hand, if you are going to transport people as a service, it is a different type of use. Make sure that the coverage includes medical expenses for the occupants of the vehicle, so that you can protect your passengers.

Quoting with the correct use guarantees that you choose the right coverage .

Step 3: Evaluate the approximate value of your car

Obviously, it is not the same a car of 100 thousand pesos than one of 500 thousand.

Knowing the approximate value of the vehicle you want to insure helps you determine if the insurance is expensive or cheap.

If an insurer quotes your insurance for an amount of $ 10 thousand pesos a year, and value your vehicle in $ 220 thousand, means that the value of the insurance is 4.5% of the total value of the insured object .

On the other hand, if another insurer offers you the same coverage, but for a total premium of $ 8 thousand per year, but values ​​your vehicle at $ 150 thousand pesos, you would be receiving a less attractive offer than the previous one.

Because this insurance considers almost 5.3% of the total value of the insured object.

So evaluates the proportion of this factor in the quote as it determines if the package you are selected suits you or not.

El valor del vehículo definido por tu cotización te avisa si tu cotización es caro o barato.
The value of the vehicle defined by your quote alerts you if your quote is expensive or cheap.

Step 4: Save more on auto insurance by modifying these variables

Play with these variables to lower your insurance quote.

Minimize the installment payments in your auto insurance:

Many insurers discount you more the fewer payments you want to make, because the more payment receipts you generate, the greater the administrative and operational expense.

For example, in an insurance quote with Comprehensive coverage, paid annually , you can get up to 35% off.

On the other hand, if you choose the same but with monthly payment, the discount is only 10%.

Our quote engine updates these variables in real time, to show you your cheapest options with the payment method you prefer, even with 12 Months Without Interest.

Try different zip codes

To save even more, we recommend you to quote with the different postal codes where you will be longer.

For example, the CP of your residence, or that of your work or office, or that of the girlfriend you visit most frequently .

You will notice that the costs change. Just remember that in the event of a claim, you will have to prove with proof that this address is yours.

Increase deductibles in Total Theft and Material Damage coverage

Another variable that you can modify are the deductibles , (the part you pay in the event of a claim).

Those that will have the greatest impact on your price will be mainly 2:

Los deducibles de estas coberturas hacen que el total de tu seguro de auto varíe.
The deductibles of these coverages make the total of your auto insurance vary.

If you think your car is unlikely to be stolen, you could save between 5% and 35% in the total price of auto insurance per year.

Reduces the insured amount of some coverages:

If you have a sweet tooth and still want MORE DISCOUNT on your insurance, you can lower the amount of some of the insured sums.

BEWARE : this only with the coverages that you think are less important to you or that do not involve unnecessary exposure to frequent risks.


For example, if you normally drive alone and do not carry passengers, you can reduce the insured sum of Occupant Medical Expenses coverage from 200 to 100 A thousand pesos.

If you are forever alone and leave your car parked for a long time, you can reduce the RC coverage (damage to third parties) due to the low frequency of use.

La variación en sumas aseguradas te dan margen para ahorrar en tu seguro de auto.
The Variation in insured amounts give you room to save on your auto insurance.

Do this only when it's worth it . At the end of the day your insurance is to cover you in case of claims.


Whatever you decide, always make sure that you are not over modifying the coverages that are specific to the use you are going to have.

This way you will get the best price without risking too much.

Step 5: Compare the proposals of each insurer

Each insurance offer has different offers with different variables that are mainly typified in these 4 factors:

La variación en sumas aseguradas te dan margen para ahorrar en tu seguro de auto.
Compare these 4 factors to compare your quotes.

The greater savings on your auto insurance is here

As you can see, step 5, compare, is the most important and now you know how.

With the GUROS car insurance quote, you can compare the options of different insurers in less than 30 seconds , and find the best price.

The additional benefits?

We help you compare the most similar coverage packages, insured amounts and deductibles. Try and note the price difference on your next renewal.

By having insurance with GUROS, you will receive reminders with the quotes when it is your turn to renew , with the exclusive friendship discount.

And if you don't want to change anything, just renew with three simple clicks.

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