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7 coverages you should understand about your auto insurance

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7 coverages you should understand about your auto insurance

There are 7 coverages that you should know about your auto insurance to know which is the best auto insurance for you and which ones are more convenient to hire. This article will help you to know each of the main coverages of your car insurance, so that you can find the best insurance for your car:

1. Civil Liability Goods and People

Covers the damages that we may cause to another person (also known as «the third party») as a result of a vehicular accident.

This coverage covers economic damages that we cause to a third party in their property (their vehicle, their house or any other material object) or in their person (bodily injury).

2. Catastrophic Civil Liability

The coverage of Catastrophic CR or Accidental Death covers the responsibility we incur if we are involved in an accident that causes the death of a third party.

Normally, this coverage begins to apply when the sum insured under the coverage of RC Goods and Persons is exceeded. That is, it operates in excess of said coverage.

3. Road and Travel Assistance

The roadside assistance coverage covers certain necessary support events when the insured vehicle suffers a mechanical failure or breaks down, such as:

  • Crane Shipping : the insurer will cover the costs of dragging the damaged or broken down vehicle to a nearby workshop. They will usually take you to a workshop that already has an agreement with the insurer. However, they can also take it to the one of the client's preference (as long as it is within the distance range covered by the policy).
  • Power pass : when the vehicle runs out of battery, the insurer You can send an assistance vehicle to power the vehicle.
  • Tire change : the insured may request support to change the flat tire for the spare tire of the vehicle.
  • Shipment of gasoline : the insurer may send an assistance vehicle with approximately 5 liters of gasoline. The cost of gasoline will be borne by the insured, but it should be enough for the vehicle to start and be transferred to the nearest gas station.
  • Transfer to the workshop : the insured may request the insurance company to transfer your vehicle to a workshop for inspection and repair when the vehicle does not start due to breakdown or mechanical failure.
  • Depending on the insurer, each year we will have a certain number of road or road assistance. Certain insurers offer them unlimited in broad coverage.

    If you use the insurance quote in GUROS line , you will have roadside assistance coverage in practically all the coverages we offer.

    4. Legal defense

    Covers the legal defense expenses of the insured or driver as a result of an accident or theft of the insured vehicle.

    This service will always be provided by lawyers or law firms designated and / or authorized by the insurance company. This gives the insured the guarantee that the lawyer who will defend him has the adequate experience to defend his interests.

    5. Medical expenses to occupants

    Covers the payment of the medical expenses of the occupants of the vehicle, such as: hospitalization, medicines, medical attention, nurses, ambulance services and burial expenses.

    This coverage applies only when the bodily injuries suffered by passengers are the result of a traffic accident or the attempted theft of the insured vehicle. Pre-existing illnesses or conditions or conditions that are not related to the accident will not be covered.

    6. Total theft

    If your vehicle is stolen, this coverage will cover the total theft of the unit (not including breach of trust and / or theft or robbery without violence).

    These covers normally also include material damage suffered by the unit as a result of an attempted theft. This includes common damages such as: damaged glass, broken latches, broken windshield, etc.

    They also cover the expenses that arise as part of the process of recovering the vehicle in case it is stolen and later recovered.

    The calculation of the value that will compensate you for your vehicle in case of theft can be calculated based on three different evaluations:

    • Commercial: is the value of the vehicle at the time of claim, according to its purchase or sale value in the blue book and / or in the black book.

    Invoice: the replacement value of the vehicle

  • Agreed: the value of the vehicle assigned by the insurer at the time of contracting of the policy, which is usually specified on the policy face.
  • What must happen so that they pay me my claim for robbery to such?

    All insurers condition the payment of the claim to the presentation of various documents that prove the theft of the unit and to the payment of the corresponding deductible.

    In the case of full theft coverage, the deductible is usually the % of the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

    If your vehicle was stolen, we recommend reading this guide to find out what to do in case your vehicle is stolen.

    7. Material damage

    The material damage coverage covers the damage suffered by the insured vehicle as a result of:

    • A traffic accident (collision or rollover)
    • The breakage of vehicle glass or glass
    • Fire, lightning and / or explosion
    • Most of the damage caused by hydrometeorological phenomena. This includes cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, falling rocks or building materials, or falling trees and / or branches, among others.
    • Damage caused to the vehicle as a result of floods, including the vehicle's unraveling due to flooding.
    • Damage caused to the vehicle as a result vandalism, strikes, work stoppages, and / or riots.
    • Most risks related to loading or unloading maneuvers of the vehicle. This includes damage caused by v shocks, subsidence, fires, explosions, collisions, overturns, derailment or fall of the means of transport in which the insured vehicle is moved during the loading, transferring or unloading maneuvers, as well as the contribution for breakdown or salvage charges.
    • What must happen to get my claim paid for material damage?

      Insurers require the evaluation of the loss before making the payment of material damage. That is why your vehicle will normally be checked:

      • A licensed and / or certified claims adjuster. He will be the one who visits the scene of the accident to support and advise the insured and assess the initial damages.
      • The authorized claims appraiser, who will inspect the correct repair and valuation of the damages of the unit in the workshop where the repair will be carried out.

      Once the claim for property damage is authorized, the corresponding deductible must be paid.

      In most cases, this deductible will be equivalent to 5% of the value of the vehicle at the time of the claim. In some cases and / or coverages, the deductible may be up to 25% (as in the case of glass coverage).

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