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7 facts about the Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance

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The compulsory civil liability insurance in Mexico, what is it, who needs it …?

Mandatory liability insurance is required for all vehicles in Mexico. From 2019, all vehicle models need to have a minimum insurance coverage to be able to circulate on federal roads, bridges and highways. If you do not have the policy , the driver of the vehicle may receive a financial penalty.

This insurance is mandatory throughout the country, under penalty of becoming creditor of an infraction.

Here we explain everything you need to know about this insurance.

1. What is mandatory liability insurance?

It is an insurance with the minimum coverage that the law establishes to be able to circulate on federal highways, bridges and roads. The objective is that in the event of an accident, any user can minimize the economic losses derived from a claim.

2. What does this insurance cover?

This insurance only covers damages caused to third parties . It is important to note that this insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle or theft of the vehicle. From 2019, this insurance includes two coverages:

Qué cubre el seguro de responsabilidad civil obligatorio

    Damage to persons (injuries and / or death) with a insured sum of $ 100, 000.

  • Material damage with a sum insured of at least $ 45, 000.

It is important to mention that the personal injury coverage does not include the occupants of the vehicle or the driver. The insured sums may be higher depending on the insurer that offers them, but never a lower amount.

3. What vehicles must have mandatory civil liability insurance?

From 2019, are required to present at least a mandatory civil liability insurance all the following vehicles:

Qué vehículos deben contar con el seguro de responsabilidad civil obligatorio

  • Cars.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Motorized bicycles.

Before, only some vehicles were required according to the year of the vehicle or its value. For example in 2018 only vehicles that were model are required 2000 or later whose invoice value was greater than $ 102, 417.

In 2019, this is over and all vehicles were included, without exception.

4. How to cancel the fine for not having insurance?

The fine for driving without insurance ranges from 20 Y 40 days of Minimum Wage in force in the Federal District. In other words, you will have to pay between $ 1, 767 and $ 3, 534 by circulating without sure. Additionally, for passenger or heavy load vehicles, the fine will be even higher.

Multa por circular sin seguro en CDMX

However, the traffic fine for driving without insurance can be easily canceled . You only have to submit to the Ministry of Public Security an insurance policy within the 45 days after receipt of the violation and Payment of the fine will be canceled.

5. If I already have insurance, do I have to take out mandatory civil liability insurance?

It is not necessary that you take out any additional insurance if you already have a policy. Compulsory insurance is a minimum standard that is required of drivers. If you already have auto insurance, it is considered that you exceed the minimum and, therefore, you should not take out a different policy. To circulate on federal roads, it is enough to have an insurance policy, no more is necessary.

5. What is the difference between this insurance and an RC policy?

Un Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Obligatorio no es lo mismo que la cobertura de Responsabilidad Civil

It is important to emphasize that mandatory civil liability insurance is not the same as a car policy with Civil Liability coverage . Some differentiating characteristics of compulsory insurance are:

  • It usually has a low cost , less than $ 1, 000.
  • In general, does not cover legal defense or road assistance .
  • May have a non-cancellation clause , so once contracted it cannot be canceled.
  • It is marketed and advertised as compulsory insurance or similar.

Additionally, the car policy in the Civil Liability package has higher insured sums and additional coverage in relation to the mandatory insurance. For this reason, the RC car policy usually has a higher cost than the mandatory civil liability insurance.

6. Does GUROS offer compulsory insurance?

Currently, the GUROS online car insurance quote does not offer the mandatory insurance . The reason is that at GUROS we do not want you to have insurance to comply with the law. We want you to have insurance to protect your assets. For this reason, the most basic package we offer is the car insurance in Civil Liability coverage.

Quote your auto insurance whenever you want in our online insurance quote.

7. Where can I get more information about mandatory liability insurance?

For more information on mandatory civil liability insurance , we recommend the following links:

  • Main page of the CONDUSEF.
  • Analysis of the compulsory insurance prepared by the CONDUSEF.

On the other hand, if you require additional information about the mandatory insurance of an insurer specifically, we recommend that you consult the General Conditions of the product offered by the specific insurer.

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