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ANA Seguros auto insurance: everything you need to know

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ANA Seguros auto insurance: what you need to know

However, in entities such as Mexico City it is mandatory to have insurance to circulate a car , Come in 2014 Y 2015 the number of cars with an insurance policy went from 6.8 to 8%, according to figures from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services ( Condusef ); while just a 25% of the national vehicle fleet has a policy.

This lack of prevention, in addition to economic losses (fines or absorbing the cost of repairing your car), can cause you serious legal problems if you cause damage to a third party, either in your property or on your person.

Therefore, in GUROS we create a guide with all the available options in the market so you can choose the one that suits you best. Choose well, sleep peacefully.

1. ANA Seguros auto insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles that can be insured in ANA Seguros

ANA Seguros is a company specialized in automobile insurance, which belongs to a consortium 100% Mexican who is dedicated to designing specialized policies for specific branches. The type of vehicles it insures are:

  • Automobiles
  • Trucks

  • Motorcycles
  • Tourist cars
  • Cab
  • Other vehicles
Vehículos que asegura Seguros ANA

1.2 Vehicle uses that ANA Insurance covers

For these vehicles, the following uses can be covered:

  • Private: transportation of people or household goods or merchandise without commercial and profit-making purposes.
  • Load: transport of goods and / or cargo for commercial purposes and that generates a profit for the contractor, insured or driver.
  • Public Passenger Transport: use of the vehicle to transport people (passengers) receiving a payment for the service.

1.3 Packages and Coverages of the ANA Seguros policy

The ANA Seguros policy offers the basic packages that are:

  • Wide
  • Limited
  • Civil Liability

These packages include coverage such as:

Coberturas Seguros ANA

Qualification of compulsory insurance from ANA Seguros

5.9 (Place 13 of 23)

Ranking Seguros ANA

The body in charge of rating the behavior of an insurer at the time of assisting you is the Bureau of Financial Institutions of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef). To do this, it uses a matrix in which it measures the number of Claims and Controversies filed by users, as well as the Sanctions received and the Supervision of not repeating the sanctions that were imposed on them.

In the case of Basic Standardized Automobile Insurance , that is, the basic policy that you are obliged to hire when buying a car, ANA Seguros obtained in 2014 ( last year the study was conducted) a score of 5.9 from 10 possible points, to occupy the place 13 out of a universe of 23 companies that offer be sure.

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1.4 Deductibles and insured amounts of ANA Seguros

In this section we present basic data so that you know how the different coverages that make up an ANA Seguros insurance policy operate, especially the most important ones, as well as the maximum amounts they have (Insured Sum) or the percentage with which you participate in each loss (deductible) and other terms interesting.

Deducibles Seguros ANA Deducibles Seguros ANA

Vehículos más vendidos Seguros ANA

1.5 Conditions General policy of ANA Seguros

If you need more details about these coverages, you can consult here the general conditions of the products of this insurer.

1.6 How much does the ANA Seguros policy cost for the 11 car models best sellers in Mexico?

If what you want to review is the cost of a policy , in this section You can review the value of the basic packages offered by ANA Seguros. For this we rely on the list of the 05 best-selling models in Mexico , in the form of annual payment, with the Postal Code 06600, corresponding to Colonia Juárez in Mexico City, for Models 2018.

Deducibles Seguros ANA Vehículos más vendidos Seguros ANA

1.7 ANA Seguros claims telephone number

In the event of a claim on national number of ANA Seguros is: 01 800 835 3262. It can also be tracked through the ANA Go mobile app.

1.8 Other insurance and coverage of ANA Seguros

ANA Seguros specializes in the automobile industry, so it does not have other types of products. However, due to its specialization, it offers much more specific coverage for its clients.

ANA Seguros offers in addition to its traditional policies, Total Loss Only package ( UPT).

In addition, it has a wide range of additional coverages that increase the level of protection of your policy:

  • Non-payment of deductible for total loss of damage materials
  • Non-payment of deductible for partial loss of material damage
  • Expenses for accidental death or organic loss
  • Occupants liability
  • Traveler civil liability,
  • Substitute car for total loss due to material damage
  • ANA Rent / Extension ANA Rent
  • Special team
  • Partial theft
  • Agency repair

Differential auto insurance coverage from Ana

If this is not enough for you, there are a series of differentiated coverages in the market and they are:

  • Segullantas (Damage to tires and wheels)
  • Armor
  • Payment of fines and pens

To review the total number of specialized products that ANA Seguros has, you can review in this link the Registration of Adhesion Contracts de Seguros (RECAS) of the Condusef, which contains the 13 products that are registered by the company:

  • Resident Cars
  • Standardized Basic Product Insurance (RC Autos)
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Gold Plan Motorcycle Insurance
  • Resident Trucks
  • Auto Insurance Pla n Gold
  • Gold Plan Truck Insurance
  • ARE Agencies
  • ANA RC Compulsory Federal Highways Insurance
  • Silver Plan Cars
  • Silver Plan Trucks
  • Resident Auto Insurance Agencies ARE
  • Resident Cars Quotas & Constants
  • 2. Information on ANA Seguros

    2.1 General information

    ANA Seguros was born in the year of 1930 as a roadside assistance company. However, in 1995 changed owners and line of business, to become an insurance company specialized in the automobile industry.

    Currently belongs to the Grupo Valore corporate, made up of insurance companies specialized in the Life (Seguros Argos), Damages (GMX Seguros) and (Prevem Seguros) lines, as well as a Legal Assistance Company and Investments (Gavsa).

    General figures

    In its portal, ANA Seguros highlights having a network of adjusters, lawyers, tow trucks and ambulances, which provides service 24 / 7, with 47 service offices throughout the country, with which it seeks to offer the best quality to its customers.

    2.2 Financial information of ANA Seguros

    Premium volume (total business)

    For the last quarter of 2017, ANA Seguros had a net premium income equivalent to 1 million 474 thousand 994 pesos, according to figures from the National Insurance and Bonding Commission (CNSF).

    Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

    With this amount, ANA Seguros positioned itself in the place 40 among the country's insurers, with a turnover of 0. 31% of the national market and the position 14 of companies that sell insurance car, where it covers 1. 43% From the market.

    As for his financial balance corresponding to the year 2017, ANA Seguros achieved a net profit of 32 millions 341 thousand 281 pesos, with a combined technical ratio of 96%.

    Loss level of A NA Insurance

    Regarding its loss ratio, in the last three months of 2017, ANA Seguros paid 817 thousand 435 pesos to have a loss ratio (the relationship between premiums sold and claims paid) of 55. 53%.

    Financial rating of ANA Seguros

    • The ANA Seguros company has two financial certifications that guarantee its financial strength:
  • B- (Stable) around the house AM Best.
  • AM (Financial strength) of Verum.
  • Calificación financiera ANA Seguros

    2.3 Quality of care and level of service of ANA Seguros

    The evaluation of the User Service Performance Index issued by the Condusef shows the levels of quality of service that insurers offer and the degree of customer satisfaction. In the 2015, ANA insurance achieved a rating of 8. 10 Points of 10 possible, to be in the place 22 of 80 insurers analyzed.

    If you want to know the number of claims before the Condusef that ANA Seguros received in 2017, the figure was: 150 claims .

    The reasons for these complaints are:

    • Refusal to pay compensation.
    • Disagreement with the time for the repair of the good affected.
    • Displeasure with the time for the payment of compensation.

    The claim ratio, that is the amount of claims that were claimed before Condusef (150) compared with total claims in 2017 (817 thousand 435), returned a index of 0. 0001%, an extremely low value.

    Ratio de reclamaciones ANA Seguros

    Sanctions imposed by the Condusef

    Of these 134 claims, Condusef applied a sanction to ANA Seguros for 35 thousand 48 pesos, without specifying the reason why it was applied.

    Average rating of adjusters

    Regarding the quality of service of the adjusters of each company, Condusef designed the User Service Performance Index, where ANA Seguros achieved a rating of 1.2 of 11 possible points, that is, in the penultimate place of 79 insurers evaluated.

    IDATU ANA Seguros

    2.4 Added values ​​of the ANA Seguros policy

    As aggregate values ​​of its products, ANA Seguros offers:

    • ANA roadside assistance.
    • Crane by collision.
    • ANA Seguros has its own network of assistance workshops.

    Another interesting issue with which ANA Seguros wants to differentiate itself in the market is in the claims care that it provides you when you need them, for this, see what it provides:

    • The 90% of adjusters and appraisers are direct employees of the company and are duly certified by the National Insurance and Surety Commission (CNSF).
    • Repair time in workshops: 10 business days.
    • Agency repair time: 16 business days (depending on the existence of spare parts).
    • Payment time for theft and / or total loss: 48 hours.
    • Adjusters arrival time: 35 minutes in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, 40 minutes in the rest of the Republic.

    ANA Seguros mobile app:

    Ana Seguros has a mobile application. In it you can track the status of your car while it is under repair. Currently the ANA Seguros app is available on iOS Y Android. The app will allow you to perform all these procedures:

    • Report a claim request (crash, accident, theft , assistance) in less than a minute.
    • Register and consult the policies that you have contracted with ANA Seguros, either individual or fleet.
    • Access to your payment receipts and their status.
    • Access to payment of your policy.
    • Change basic data of your policy.
    • Download and view your policy and general conditions that have with treated.
    • Display at gas stations, public ministry offices, corralones and ANA Compañía de Seguros offices according to your location.
    • Access to the main emergency numbers.
    • Access to online quote.
    • Different options to determine the value of the vehicle at the time of insuring it, in case of a total loss and which are:
      • Commercial Value (vehicle price less depreciation by time).
      • Agreed value (amount agreed with the insurer to avoid depreciation).
      • Invoice value (for late model cars).
      • Val or higher according to the EBC or Autometric guide.
      • NADA Guide / Kelley Blue Book (for border cars).

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