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Atlas Insurance: all about your auto insurance

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Find out about the basics about Atlas Insurance, in this article we solve all your doubts to acquire auto insurance.

It does not matter if you are Checo Pérez at the wheel, the risks of driving in the city, country or highway are on every corner.

It is likely that sooner or later if you suffer an accident, it will cost you dearly. The best way to get that money back or spend as little as possible is to have an ally to protect you.

Your ally is called «auto insurance» so necessary that it became a requirement by law since for all Mexicans.

As your mom told you, better safe than sorry.

Seguros Atlas, compara precios y coberturas aquí.
Atlas Insurance, compare prices and coverage here.

Therefore, in our online comparator we help you discover which is the auto insurance that is best for you by listing the best options on the market in Mexico.

Find the coverage that best suits your economy and best of all: without leaving home .

Here we tell you everything you need to know about car insurance from Seguros Atlas.

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Atlas Insurance: general data

Seguros Atlas is a Mexican company founded in 1941, when it issued its first policies in the Fire, Maritime and Transportation, Auto, Civil Liability, among others.

With 70 years of experience, cover very technical and specific risks such as aviation or sugar mills. In 1951 launched the Life branch and in 1954 those of Accidents and Illnesses.

This insurer stands out for its high level of efficiency and reliability . It has a good level of response to its customers, with more 45 national service offices.

Keep reading to see the detail in hard data.

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Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

By its figures in premium volumes, Seguros Atlas ranks in the Th ranked among a universe of 88 insurance companies in Mexico. With an insurance market share of 2. 57% .

In the automobile industry, it occupies the position 11 of 28 insurance companies, with a market share Of 2.88%

Has verifiable financial strength: the net profit in was almost 404 million pesos and a combined technical ratio of 93%.

During 2020, as every year, shared their financial performance in a transparent way.

Atlas Insurance: vehicles and uses

Atlas offers auto insurance for different types of vehicles and uses:

Estos son los tipos de uso asegurables.
These are the insurable usage types.


Second, Atlas offers the following packages for your drawer auto insurance: Comprehensive, Limited and Liability (or RC). In addition to the following coverage and insured amounts:

Las 3 coberturas principales de Seguros Atlas.
The 3 main coverage of Seguros Atlas.

To know the details of each of these coverages, we recommend main auto insurance coverages.

What can you insure with an Atlas Insurance policy

There are multiple additional coverages that you can add for an additional cost:

  • Comprehensive substitute car
  • Civil liability for damage to occupants
  • Special equipment
  • Repair agencies Extra Atlas for self financed
  • Self-pension plus
  • Civil liability for trailers
  • Atlas tires and wheels
  • Atlas third uninsured
  • Rent payment for total loss
Algunos valores agregados a las coberturas tradicionales en 2020.
Some values ​​added to coverage traditional in 2019.

Deductibles and insured amounts of Atlas Insurance

The sum insured is the maximum amount of coverage offered by each coverage. The deductible is the part that you must cover in the event of a claim.

Compara y cotiza con precios actualizados del seguro de auto en 2020.
Compare and quote with updated car insurance prices at 2020.

Find out more details in the general terms and conditions of Seguros Atlas auto insurance, as well as any other information you may need in the event of a claim.

To give you an idea of ​​costs

With our online comparer, we did an analysis of the basic packages of the best-selling models in Mexico. We quote in the form of annual payment in the Postal Code , and we take a model 2018 to make the quote.

Comparativo de costos en modelos 2018.
Cost comparison in models 2018.

Other coverage

There are also other coverages for both individuals and companies.

A total of 105 products in the Registry of Insurance Adhesion Contracts (RECAS) of the National Commission for Protection and Defense of the Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

Of which 15 are from the automobile industry, among which are insurance for tourists, for motorcycles, for pickups, collective and individual trucks, fleets, etc.

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Compare prices to renew your auto insurance at no cost here.

Atlas Insurance Accident Rate

In 2017, was one of the few insurers that passed the Condusef standards, with a minimum rating of 7 in terms of claims, just above of Citi Banamex and General de Seguros.

During the first quarter of 2020, Seguros Atlas paid close to 1.5 million pesos for the payment of claims for all its lines of business.

In addition, in the car industry, in 2017, for example, Atlas Insurance paid a total of 1, 834 million pesos, with a loss ratio 62. 12% , all this, according to figures from the CNSF.

This places Atlas with a loss ratio better than the average of the sector close to 70% .

Una de las mejores aseguradoras en México con altos niveles de confiabilidad de acuerdo con la CONDUSEF.
One of the best insurers in Mexico with high levels of reliability according to the CONDUSEF.

Qualification of the compulsory insurance of Seguros Atlas

5to lugar entre 23 aseguradoras por séptimo año consecutivo.
5th place among 23 insurance companies for the seventh consecutive year.

To help you decide, the Condusef Financial Entities Bureau evaluates the performance of mandatory insurance in the market.

The Condusef rates the insurers by the number of claims of the insured, as well as the degree of satisfaction.

Seguros Atlas insurance obtained a rating of 8. 99 Points of 10 in the last evaluation performed in 2019, staying in the 5th of 23 Insurers rated seventh consecutive year.

How about the service?

If you have never tried the service of this company, the Condusef User Service Performance Index helps you compare the care provided by insurers.

In 2019, Seguros Atlas was in place 16 from between 80 companies analyzed, with a score of 8 . 94 of 09 possible points.

The quality of service seemed good to us since the Condusef registered a total of 359 claims (in 2018) in all branches, due to non-conformities of payment or any other reason for dissatisfaction .

Which puts it above other greats such as BBVA (1, 154 claims), AXA, (2, 074 claims) and GNP (3, 306 claims).

Although of course the volume of your client portfolio has a lot to do with the proportion.

Seguros Atlas tiene el número 16 en resolución de siniestros en México.
Atlas Insurance has the number 16 in resolution of claims in Mexico.

In the resolution of claims, Seguros Atlas was placed in the position 16 of the 80 insurers analyzed. That is, one of the best insurers in car accident care in Mexico, according to the Condusef.

Valuation of the adjusters

On the other hand, users value them with an average rating of 7.4 points of 10 possible, that is, the 4th best position among 25 insurers evaluated in 2019.

Download the Atlas mobile app With me

Finally, its fabulous app for Android and iOS makes it easy for you to request the assistance of an adjuster, a crane, a power pass, among many others.

In the event of an accident, you can even ask for an ambulance, see the directory of workshops, corralones, hospitals, gas stations, public ministries and other services you need.

Compare and quote prices with only 3 data from our online comparator.

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