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Auto insurance Seguros Sura: everything you need to know

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Sura car insurance: everything you need to know

When choosing auto insurance is one of the most important decisions in anyone's life. This involves reviewing the variables to decide which protection to select. And this choice can impact your life in legal, medical and, of course, financial terms.

A good choice can make your life very simple and make the bad time of having an accident as bearable as possible. On the contrary, a wrong decision can turn what seemed like a minor inconvenience into a problem of enormous dimensions. That is why it is important to have adequate information to be able to make the best decision according to our car, our budget and our needs.

To help you, in GUROS we are forming a mega guide with the characteristics of all the insurers that offer services in the automobile industry in Mexico.

Regardless of whether it is a car, a motorcycle or a pickup, our mission is to help you find the best option for your vehicle insurance.

In our guide you will find the different prices, coverage, payment methods, service qualification and even the financial qualification of each of the auto insurers that exist in Mexico. We believe that knowing all these factors can help you choose the best option for auto insurance.

In this article we will show you the products offered by Seguros Sura in Mexico, a subsidiary of Grupo Sura, an important Colombian conglomerate that has a strong presence in several Latin American countries.

1. Sura Auto Insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles for which Sura offers auto insurance

Sura auto insurance has packages and coverage for different types of vehicles. The vehicles for which Sura offers its auto insurance are the following:

  • Automobiles
  • Pickups
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks and tractors (under 4 tons)

1.2 Vehicle uses covered by Sura's auto insurance

Among the types of use that Sura's auto insurance covers are the following:

  • Particular
  • Tourist Cars
  • Load
  • Commercial

1.3 Sura auto insurance packages and coverage

Sura offers the same packages as most insurers. However, among them you also have a couple of options that allow you to offer a level of protection one notch further. Your packages are named as follows:

  • Top Driver (Above Wide)
  • Wide
  • Top Silver Driver (above limited)
  • Limited
  • Basic
  • Civil Liability

To help you compare, in the GUROS guide we include this table which includes the protection and coverage shared by the most common packages. Later, we will also see the extras offered by the other packages:

Additionally, there are some additional coverages that can be contracted in addition to auto insurance:

  • Petmania : Medical and legal advice for pets.
  • Safe Fun : Taxi network to avoid driving while intoxicated.
  • Night Taxi : Taxi service in case of an accident from 9 PM to 5 A.M.
  • Theft and / or assault : Telephone and face-to-face legal advice to file complaints (occurred outside the vehicle).
  • Legal procedures : Legal advice by phone for all kinds of legal matters.
  • Medical malpractice : Legal advice in the event of a medical malpractice case.

Sura rating of compulsory insurance

7.4 Position 21 of 23

The Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance is the Sura's service to comply with the minimum requirements to circulate on federal highways and roads in Mexico, which consists only of coverage for damages caused to third parties, whether in material goods or people.

1.4 Deductibles and insured amounts of the Sura auto insurance

These are the insured amounts by type of protection and the deductible that you must cover in the event of a claim with your Sura auto insurance:

1.5 General conditions of Sura auto insurance:

Before choosing any insurer or any auto insurance, we recommend that you review the general conditions of the insurer's auto insurance. In them you can answer many questions about the coverage and what is covered by your auto insurance.

To see the general conditions of the different products that Sura offers, simply click here .

1.6 Sura auto insurance quote for the 10 best-selling vehicles

As we know that sometimes it is a pain to quote your car insurance, at GUROS we seek to make your life easier. That is why below we show you the price of car insurance for the 10 best-selling models in Mexico.

The way we do this is the same way you would: we define a zip code (the 06600 , from Colonia Juárez in Mexico City) as reference. Next, we set the model 2018. Lastly, we search for the best price for Sura auto insurance.

Below we show you the different results for the Seguros Sura quote:

1.7 Sura accident and road assistance telephone number

In case of suffering a claim and having car insurance from Sura, the following is the number you must dial:

  • 000 782 880 7692
  • 1.8 Others insurance and coverage offered by Sura

    For the automobile industry in Mexico, in addition to resident auto insurance, Sura has the following insurances for other types of transportation:

  • Truck insurance
  • Old car insurance
  • Additionally, Sura has products in the Life, Personal Accident and Damage line.

    These are the different insurances that Sura offers in Mexico:

    • Business
    • Transport
    • Building
    • Home
    • SME

    • Civil Liability
    • Life
    • Personal accidents
    • Funeral expenses
    • Health
    • Insurance for works of art
    • School program
    • Agricultural
    • Bicycle insurance

    Before the Condusef, in the Register of Insurance Adhesion Contracts (RECAS) Sura has registered 85 contracts in all branches (of which, 15 are in the automobile industry).

    2. Information about Sura

    2.1 General Information

    Sura is the diminutive of Suramericana SA, a company founded in Colombia in 1944 for the protection of general and financial risks.

    Seguros Sura is part of a multinational conglomerate that also has products in Pensions, Savings, Investment, Processed Food, Cement, Energy and Universal Banking.

    Some information about the insurer:

    Countries and n which operates

    In addition to Colombia and Mexico, Sura has a presence in El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

    Number of clients in Mexico and / or volume of premiums (total business)

    According to the information contained in your Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2017, Sura has a total of 1,546, 524 insured in all lines. From them, 201, 326 are in the automotive industry.

    These numbers are equivalent to a turnover of $ 3, 945 million pesos (all these data are including Sura Vida). Specifically in the field of auto insurance, billing in 2017 was $ 1, 101 millions of pesos.

    Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

    According to statistics from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), in the Mexican insurance market in 2017, Sura Damage took the place 24 Come in 84 insurers. This implies that Sura has a market share of around 0.8% of the damage market. Specifically in the automobile sector, Sura occupies the place 15 Come in 33 insurance companies, with the 1. 07% From the market.

    If we also take into account the branch of Life, Sura occupies the place 20 with the 1. 15% of the market, according to its Solvency and Financial Condition Report.

    2.2 Sura financial information

    Sura's combined technical ratio

    The Combined Technical Ratio (which can also be called Combined Ratio or Combined Index) shows us the operating results of each insurer.

    In all operations and lines (including Life and Accidents), Sura has a Combined Index of 96. 24%; while in the automobile industry, the data is 91. 85% according to the information contained in your Financial Solvency Report.


    As you could see previously, in all operations and branches Sura billed for a total of $ 3, 945 millions of pesos; while the total cost of claims was $ 1, 704 millions of pesos.

    In the automobile industry, the turnover of the year 2017 was $ 1, 101 million pesos, against a total loss cost of $ 625 millions of pesos.

    Accident rate

    In the Solvency and Financial Condition Report, Sura mentions that the Net Accident Index in all operations and lines is 54. 92%; data that in automobiles grows to 60. 60%.

    Financial valuation

    In its recognition section, Seguros Sura exhibits the following evaluations from different rating agencies:

    • Standard & Poor's → A
  • AM Best → A
    • Moody's → A2

    2.3 Information on the quality of care of Sura

    Remember that price and financial valuation are not everything. On the contrary, customer service will be essential in your auto insurance. To give you complete, accurate and timely information about the levels of customer service, at GUROS we take different sources from official organizations.

    The results of Sura in attention to its users are the following:

    User Service Performance Index (Condusef)

    In the IDATU of 1944 , Sura has a rating of 8. 09, which places it in the position 23 Come in 79 insurers evaluated.

    Claims before the Condusef

    In 2017, Sura users issued a total of 138 claims before the Condusef for not agreeing with the insurer's service. The most common reasons for these claims were: refusal to pay compensation, disagreement with the repair time of the affected property, disagreement with the time for payment of compensation, and denial or lack of attention to a cancellation request.

    Claims submitted on the total of claims attended

    Those 138 claims were filed out of a total of 25, 800 claims handled in 2017. This places Sura with a ratio of claims to claims handled of 0. 53%.

    To put the above in perspective, we provide you with the percentage of claims for claims from some of the most important insurers in Mexico: Quálitas (0.3%); Mapfre (0. 07%) or HDI Seguros (0. 22%).

    The Claim Index for each 10 thousand losses of Sura is of 53. 46, based on the methodology of Bureau of Fine Entities ncieras:

    (Total Claims before Condusef / Total claims attended) 09, 000

    (138 / 24, 800) 10, 000 = 53. 46 claims for each 10, 01 claims.

    Sanctions imposed on Sura

    Despite the 138 claims, the Condusef only applied a sanction to Sura during 2018, for an amount of $ 32, 380 pesos.

    Average rating a adjusters

    In the Adjuster Valuation Portal , Sura adjusters average 3.5 out of a maximum of 09. This rating is derived from only 4 Sura adjusters with at least one report.

    In total they are 26 insurers that have at least one appraised adjuster; Among all of them, the average is 4.2.

    2.4 Added values ​​of Sura

    In addition to the values ​​of a company that operates multinationally and in various branches, Sura also has benefits that give your car a bonus and / or that give you more value in case of suffering a claim, for example:

    • Payment at invoice value the first year of the vehicle
    • Installation, service and maintenance of Lo Jack free on select vehicles in Mexico City, State of Mexico and Jalisco
    • Immediate payment in damages up to $ 10, 000 in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area, Guadalajara, Monterrey, León, Puebla and Hermosillo.
    • Assistance abroad
    • Claim payment guarantee within 5 business days in select cases

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