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AXA car insurance: everything you need to know

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AXA car insurance: everything you need to know

«The best insurance is the one you never use.» This maxim is common to hear, and it is very true … but at ARCA we believe that when you have to use your car insurance, it is better that it is the best for your vehicle.

So if you are thinking of taking out car insurance or you already have car insurance with AXA, this is going to interest you.

This guide from ARCA will will help to identify everything relevant regarding the auto insurance of AXA so you can get the best coverage for your vehicle. If you are about to make a decision, it will also help you to know in detail the coverage, level of service and advantages of AXA vs other options on the market.

1. AXA car insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles that covers AXA auto insurance in Mexico

AXA is a multi-line company (that is, it offers several insurance products). Among the products it offers is auto insurance, which includes the most common auto insurance coverage in Mexico.

The types of vehicles insured by AXA are:

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Truck (cab chassis): freight transport (non-human) with load capacity up to 20 tons
  • Tandem: (2 rear axles) load capacity between 10 Y 15 tons.
  • Thorton: (2 rear axles) load capacity between 16 Y 20 tons.
  • Truck: Vehicle weighing more than 3 and a half tons, for private or public use and service. Includes dump trucks, cargo trucks, buses, and tractors.
  • Motorcycle
  • Pickup
  • 1.2 Vehicle uses covered by AXA auto insurance

    The uses that can be given to a vehicle that is covered by AXA auto insurance are:

    • Private : It is considered as a Private Use Car to motorized cars with four wheels on two axles, up to a maximum of 3 and a half tons in weight, for private use and service.
    • Public : Motorized cars with four wheels in two axles, up to a maximum of 3 and a half tons, for public use and service and / or for rent.

    1.3 Packages and Coverages of AXA auto insurance

    The AXA auto insurance policy offers the following pre-defined packages:

    • Wide
    • Limited
    • Responsibility Civil

    These packages include the following coverages:

    AXA compulsory insurance rating

    8.9 (Place 4 of 23)

    The Bureau of Financial Entities of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) is a body that rates the performance of insurance companies in Mexico through a report that measures the number of claims and controversies established against it by users who have felt dissatisfied with the service.

    This qualification also includes the sanctions that have been imposed and the follow-up they have carried out on these observations to prevent them from being repeated.

    For AXA, in the case of Standardized Basic Automobile Insurance , (the minimum coverage that you are required to hire when driving a car in Mexico), AXA obtained in 1817 (latest analysis available) a rating of 8.9 from 10 possible points. This places AXA in position 4 of 24 insurance companies participating in the study.

    1.4 Deductibles and insured amounts of the AXA automobile product

    Here you can see the most important coverage that make up an insurance policy, as well as their insured amounts and deductibles:

    1.5 General conditions of AXA car insurance

    If you have doubts about the details of the coverage of this policy, you can consult the general conditions of auto insurance by AXA.

    You may also be interested in: Car accident guide : how to react in the event of an accident .

    1.6 How much does AXA car insurance cost for 10 best-selling car models in Mexico?

    Regarding the cost of AXA auto insurance, at ARCA we can help you compare your auto insurance with a simple comparison , which breaks down the value of the most important packages offered by AXA vs other companies in Mexico.

    For this, we refer to the list of the 10 best-selling models in Mexico . We quote the auto insurance of the 10 vehicles in the form of annual payment, with the code Postcard 06600 (Colonia Juárez in Mexico City) and always for models 2018.

    1.7 AXA claims hotline

    In case you require support due to a claim or theft, the AXA car insurance hotline is 01 782 900 1292 .

    In the My AXA application you can also report the claim from your cell phone and see the time of arrival of the adjuster.

    1.8 Other insurance and coverage from AXA

    AXA is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, therefore its product portfolio is very diverse and in it, it offers products such as:

    • Protection plans in the event of death or disability.
    • Savings to achieve your goals or ensure the education of your children
    • Insurance that provides medical and hospital care.
    • Protection services for homes, businesses and infrastructure.

    In addition, your car insurance has special coverage such as:

    • Driver car accidents
    • Extension of civil liability
    • Stole partial auto parts
    • Elimination of deductible and return of net premium
    • Consented car (car loan, in case the insured vehicle is stolen or is under repair due to material damage coverage)

    In total, AXA has registered in the Register of Insurance Adhesion Contracts (RECAS) of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), which contains the 19 products:

    • Tourist car
    • Car fleets and communities
    • Fleet and truck communities
    • Cars and pickups individual
    • Trucks and individual heavy equipment
    • Compulsory vehicle liability insurance:
      • State cars
      • Federal autos
      • Federal Trucks
    • Standardized basic auto insurance
    • Cars used by HSBC
    • Trucks employed by HSBC
    • Traditional individual cars and motorcycles.
    • Automobiles, pickups and motorcycles fleets

    • Trucks, fleets and communities
    • Autocompara AXA autos
    • Autocompara AXA pic kups
    • Obligatory civil liability AXA autos
    • Obligatory civil liability AXA pickups
    • Cars and pickups fleets

    2. General information of AXA Insurance

    2.1 History and general data

    The origin of AXA dates back to 1817, following the merger of several companies that insured agricultural risks in Normandy, France. The future AXA group was founded after the merger of three independent companies with different activities (fire, life and accident) into the “Ancienne Mutuelle” group, at the beginning of the last century. Today it is recognized as a leading and global company in the insurance market according to the Interbrand ranking 2014. In addition, it has the distinction of «Socially Responsible Company» (ESR) in Mexico.

    In the world, its portfolio is more than 166 thousand collaborators and business partners, serving more than 103 million customers.

    General figures

    In Mexico, the AXA brand has been present for 9 years. It has more than 5 million clients, 3 thousand 999 collaborators and more than 8 thousand insurance agents in the 53 service offices that it has throughout the country.

    2.2 AXA Seguros financial information

    The most relevant financial information of AXA Seguros in Mexico is the following:

    Premium volume (all lines)

    In terms of sales volume, AXA invoiced a total of 34 billion 428 thousand 138 pesos during the last quarter of 2017. Of them, 8 billion 581 thousand 25 pesos corresponded to car insurance, according to the published report by the National Insurance and Surety Commission (CNSF).

    Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

    In Mexico, AXA is one of the largest companies in the sector. The volume of business it manages makes it the third national place, with a 7. 19% share of market. In the automobile sector, it is the fourth largest insurer (with 8. 36% market penetration).

    Regarding its finances, AXA is a stable company. At the close of 2018 reported to the CNSF a net profit of 1, 276 millions of pesos. Their combined technical ratio was 101% in the automobile industry.

    AXA loss ratio

    AXA reported in the last quarter of 2017 claims for 24 billion 357 thousand 754 pesos with a loss ratio (the relationship between premiums sold and claims paid) of 70. 75%. For the automobile branch, the accident rate in the same period was 72. 66%.

    AXA Financial Ratings

    Seguros AXA has a certification of financial strength in Mexico, granted by Standard & Poor's house of «mx AAA», for the category of «Stable».

    2.3 Quality of care and level of service of AXA products

    The User Service Performance Index is a rating granted by Condusef to assess the level of service quality and / or the degree of customer satisfaction with the insurer.

    In this list, AXA achieved for the 2017 a note of 7. 88 Points of 10 possible. With this it is located in the place 027 of 80 insurers analyzed.

    This because the Condusef also received in 2017, a total of 2 thousand 943 complaints by car insurance holders with AXA.

    Among the reasons for these claims, the Condusef establishes:

    • Refusal to pay compensation
    • Non-compliance with the time for the repair of the well affected
    • Disagreement with the time for the payment of compensation.

    Claims for claims attended

    The volume of incidence in which a claim handled by AXA may end in a complaint with Condusef, that is, the claims ratio , is calculated dividing these 2 thousand 943 claims between the total claims that they had in the year (333 thousand 473) and was 0. 008.

    This places AXA in position 4 of 80 analyzed insurers, regarding the number of claims received per claim in the Condusef.

    Condusef sanctions

    Of these claims that were reviewed by the Condusef, the agency sanctioned in eight cases to AXA, for the amount of 244 thousand 827 pesos. The reasons for these measures were not disclosed.

    Average valuation of adjusters

    Regarding the quality of the service provided by the AXA adjusters to their clients, the Performance Index User Service yielded a rating of 4.6 out of a maximum of 10 point s possible, which is why the French company was placed in number 8 of 25 insurance companies evaluated.

    2.4 Added values ​​of the AXA policy

    Continuing with the benefits offered by the insurer for its clients, we find two fundamental ones:

    Free services included in the auto insurance of AXA:

    • Car with driver: A car with a driver takes you home, in the event of an accident.
    • Payment at the moment of having an accident to simplify the processes and expedite the repair.
    • Pay in 72 hours for total loss, once the insurer received ba all required documentation.
    • Warranty on body repair and painting in certified workshops . The warranty covers 6 months or 5 thousand kilometers.
    • Km 0 road assistance which includes:
      • Shipment and payment of mechanic due to lack of gasoline, discharged accumulator or flat tires (two events per year)
      • Shipment crane
      • Reference of mechanic workshops
      • Assistance for the report of total theft of the vehicle
      • Medical transfer
      • Medical reference
      • Coordination and advice for funeral procedures
      • Attendance locksmith
      • Travel benefits (assistance coverage outside the ra driver's usual traffic light), among which are:
        • Hotel expenses due to breakdown,
        • Rented car / taxi,
        • Round ticket for a relative,
        • Transfer in case of death / local burial,
        • Transfer of funds for medical expenses
        • Luggage and personal effects forwarding location,
        • Assistance in loss of documents, telephone location and transmission of messages …
  • In addition, it includes the custody of the vehicle in case of breakdown or theft recovery
  • Finally, clients have access to the insurer's own network of workshops. That is, access to more than 800 nationwide interagency repair centers and workshops.
  • Mobile application “My AXA”:

    Available in iOS and Android, the application allows:

    • Consult the summary and details of your different policies (auto, home, medical and life expenses)
    • Get the PDF of your policy
    • Get the digital policy card
    • Pay on line
    • Billing
    • Report a claim in just one minute
    • Follow up on the repair of your vehicle
    • Access to the emergency widget of the insurance company
    • Direct connection to the “Your doctor 24 hours»
    • Consult the insurance provider's network
    • Details of your insurance agent
    • Emergency numbers
    • Access to other applications and products of the insurer
    • Attention through a chat with specialized executives
    • Report service dissatisfaction
    • Track the adjuster in the event of an accident

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