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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Cases of employees bringing action against their employers have become a common sight. The media interest that typically surrounds employment claims,

The top 10 car insurance companies in the US

Owning a car exposes you to various financial risks. With car insurance, you can be covered for damage to your vehicle and other circumstances in which

If I am self-employed, do I need liability insurance?

Being autonomous carries a number of responsibilities. It is clear that we cannot control everything that happens around us, but what we can do is

What are the coverage of business insurance, and what is its…

Contracting  insurance for businesses  allows you to face the situation in several ways, such as having compensation for each day that cannot be opened,

What should we analyze in a Civil Liability Insurance?

The Liability Insurance is one of the most complex insurance sector, and where you have to take into account several parameters

New business models and technology put the insurance sector…

The current work context in the field of insurance companies poses various challenges that force companies to rethink


12 foods to gain muscle mass at home

Now that you can take more care of your diet, be sure to include the right amount of protein. These are 12 foods that cannot be missing from your menus if you want to increase muscle. 1/12 SpinachThis vegetable contains a

How to control yourself with food on weekends

One of the first clients I had told me something that I later saw in most of the people that I have helped to improve their habits. We are going to give her a fictitious name: Claudia. Claudia came to my office and told me that from


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