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Compare car insurance: the new trend

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Comparing auto insurance is the first thing we do before making sure. That is why there are more and more companies with new and attractive offers.

How do you know which one is the best? There are so many options that it would be impossible to review each one to find out which auto insurance suits your needs.

In this post we explain the advantages of an online quote, what is the process and why you should buy from our platform.

Te explicamos la nueva tendencia de comparar seguros en línea y por qué te conviene un proceso más simple.
We explain the new trend of comparing insurance online and why a simpler process is convenient for you.

Compare car insurance without pain

Comparing pears with apples was previously unthinkable.

But we believed that with the right technology it could be done. Fortunately, we developed the most useful platform to reach a multiple quote in seconds .

Goodbye to long forms

Forget about time consuming processes.

If you have taken out insurance before, do you remember how many questions they ask you over the phone?

In our comparator, you only have to fill 6 data , compared to others that ask to fill more than 11 fields and other questions.

Data of your vehicle: Only with 3 data: vehicle (make and sub-brand of your car), model (year of your vehicle),

Personal data: Name, cell phone, email and that's it.

In addition to the number of questions to answer, the experience and the user interface also change the whole picture.

Olvídate de formularios largos. Comparar seguros en menos de 10 minutos es la solución a tus dolores de cabeza.
Forget about long forms. Compare insurance in less than 10 minutes is the solution to your headaches.

We recommend: the 24 basics about your car insurance.

Pears with apples: compare insurance without calling anyone

Different comparators can offer you different types of insurance.

Below we list the elements in which you must pay attention to quote all the cars you want, as many times as you want.

Either from our website on your desktop, tablet or mobile version.

We explain the coverages

It would appear that the toppings are in Chinese. We explain the differences so that you are super clear before closing the contract.

In our quote you will find the most common coverage packages on the market: Comprehensive, Limited and Civil Liability.

On your right you will see the insurance summary, with all the items covered and the deductibles to be covered.

If you have doubts, you can always talk to an advisor by clicking on the help bubble, where we clarify doubts about concepts such as:

  • Vehicle value
  • 156

  • Civil Liability Goods and Persons
  • Catastrophic Civil Liability
  • Roadside assistance and travel
  • Occupant medical expenses
  • Total theft
  • Material damage

We recommend: the 7 coverages you should understand about your auto insurance.

Ease of comparing insurance and hiring in line

The hiring process can be daunting if they ask for very specific or difficult to obtain information.

On our platform, we have made it as easy as ordering a taxi from your cell phone.

What information do I have to give?

You can do it in what you expect an elevator. Very simple.

There are only 4 sections to fill out in order to have your complete policy. It takes no more than 10 minutes.

Comparar seguros de auto y llenar solo 24 campos para obtener tu póliza.
Compare auto insurance and fill out only 24 fields to obtain your policy.

A total of less than 24 fields . On the other hand, in other comparators you have to fill more than 40 data to get the same result.

Get your policy in 1 click

Finally, the most important thing about auto insurance is the policy, where the coverages and conditions are specified. How do we give it to you?

After confirming the payment, you can view or download your policy by clicking on the button VIEW MY POLICY or in a link that will arrive by mail.

Also, in your user section you always have it in view to consult it whenever you want.

Te explicamos lo que debes saber para comparar seguros de auto en 2020.
We explain what you should know to compare car insurance in 2020.

Competitive prices

A comparator has additional discounts to the price that the insurer sells: a great added value.

You have a comparative table of the cost of a Comprehensive coverage package with more than 8 insurers for the best-selling vehicles in Mexico.

Forms of pay

Choose the most convenient method and payment method for you. Payments are safe and are charged directly by insurers, so we do not store your data.

Compara seguros y compra en línea con la forma de pago que elijas.
Compare insurance and buy online with the payment method you choose.

Insurers available

We currently work with 8 insurers and we constantly expand the options so that you have more to choose from:

Compara las ofertas de seguros de estas aseguradoras en nuestra plataforma.
Compare the insurance offers of these insurers on our platform.

Extra advantages of comparing insurance

Quoteers help users like you.

More of 25, 000 people got the cheapest auto insurance using our quote.


Long friendships clear accounts

Having clarity and knowledge is essential. Not just for the quotation process but to give you the confidence that you are getting exactly what you chose.

That is why our clients have given testimonials of the service and it is becoming easier and easier with our 6 benefits:

  1. Time : You have the quote in 30 seconds
  2. Privacy : It is not necessary to give personal data
  3. Savings : Quote always with a discount
  4. Experience 100% digital: Hire online, without calling anyone
  5. Flexibility : Friendly payment options with your money
  6. Transparency: Your policy is always accessible

The pylon

Choosing the best insurance depends on your confidence in the information you have.

We want you to be calm and for this we create a library under continuous construction about everything you want to know about auto insurance and insurers in general.

In our blog you will find comparatives, analysis and notes on cars , insurance companies, how to save on your insurance and much more.

Mira cómo comparar seguros con nuestros análisis y notas sobre las mejores aseguradoras de México.
See how to compare insurance with our analysis and notes on the best insurers in Mexico.

To do this, also access our Wallet where you can check if you have pending verifications, fines to pay or any other procedure in the air.

We review the situation of your vehicle for you so that you forget about problems and manage everything from one place.

Dare to compare insurance online

The ease of the comparator to quote and contract a policy helps you a little more to solve it on your own.

In short, everything you need to know to acquire the perfect auto insurance for you.

Choose to renew from a variety of insurers, while we update the data hour by hour to show you the details VERY easily.

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