En este momento estás viendo Generali's life insurance comes to elmejorsegurodevida.com

Generali's life insurance comes to elmejorsegurodevida.com

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Generali life insurance can now be consulted, calculated, compared and contracted from elmejorsegurodevida.com. With more than 190 years of experience in the sector, this company is available to compare its products with those of other large companies in the sector and to hire them easily.

The Generali group is present in more than 60 countries and is made up of more than 450 companies, with about 80. 000 employees. It is a large international insurance group that has been present in Spain since 1834. In our country it has some 2000 employees and one of the widest networks of advisers, with more than 1600 customer service offices and 10. 000 professionals at your service.

With its 190 years of history, Generali has established itself as one of the largest insurance groups in the world. It works in the main fields of the sector: life, automobile, home, accidents … More than 61 million clients they trust her all over the world.

Its most important purpose is to help people make decisions and create a more secure future, for themselves and their loved ones. To this end, they rely on values ​​such as trust, diversity, continued growth, and integrity. At Generali they are committed to making things easy for you, showing empathy and driving innovation.

Now, your life insurance reaches elmejorsegurodevida.com and joins those of other large companies in the sector: Aegon, Allianz, Axa, Asisa, Santalucía, Reale, Liberty … From this moment, You can consult all the coverages and advantages that Generali offers in your life insurance from our website. And not only that: you can compare it with up to three other policies , so you can see exactly what differences there are between them, and hire it in one click.

What does Generali's life insurance include?

The Generali policy covers death from any cause (traffic accident, illness …). In addition, it allows you to contract the absolute and permanent disability (also in the event of an accident or traffic accident), as well as total permanent disability. That means that compensation is not only collected if the client dies, but also if something happens to him and he is recognized as a permanent disability or invalidity. In these cases, the money is received by the client himself, to help him maintain his standard of living and supplement the meager Social Security pension.

On the other hand, the Generali life insurance does not offer the possibility of other additional coverage such as the death of both spouses in the same accident, severe dependency or great dependency or serious illnesses.

What requirements must be fulfilled?

This insurance is valid for both natural and legal persons. The main requirement to sign it is age, since it is necessary to have between 18 and 64 years. Death coverage is in effect until 80 years, while the rest of the guarantees expire after 67 years.

It is not a limit that only Generali imposes. Insurers always set age limits to contract their products. But don't worry: in our comparator you can immediately see what age limitations each company has, just in case you need an option that covers a wider age range.

Do you need a questionnaire doctor?

Yes, it is a very common procedure before hiring life insurance. Generali, like many other companies, asks prospective clients a series of questions to find out a little about their health. In this way, you get a general idea of ​​whether you are taking a lot of risk by accepting you as a customer.

So, you will have to pass a medical questionnaire to take out the insurance, but it will vary depending on how much money you want to insure.

  • Until 100.000 euros : a reduced questionnaire.
  • From 101.000 to 300. 000 euros : a small recorded interview by phone (teleselection).
  • More than 300. 000 euros : teleselection plus medical examination.

The maximum capital you can contract is 500. 000 euros. Only in that case, it would be necessary to pass one more procedure: a financial questionnaire, to know your financial situation.

Forms of payment

Insurance can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If you prefer to split it so as not to assume the entire payment at once, you will have a small surcharge.

Monthly: 5%

Quarterly: 3%

Semiannual: 1%

How do I know if Generali is the option for me?

In just a minute, in elmejorsegurodevida.com you will see the options of the main companies in the market and all their characteristics: price, coverage, requirements, surcharges for fractionation … All the data is adjusted to you: age, capital you want to hire … So you will have all the information at the moment and you will make the best decision.

If you are thinking of purchasing your life insurance or changing companies, take a look at Generali. It will only take a minute from our platform. In return, you and yours will be protected with one of the best companies in the world . Sounds good right?