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HDI Seguros auto insurance: everything you need to know

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HDI Seguros auto insurance: the complete summary

What insurance you choose for your car is one of the most important decisions you must make every year, therefore, in ARCA We are creating a guide as complete as possible so that you know the options that different insurers offer for your car, pickup or motorcycle.

Ideally, you can choose the best product for your needs, not only by price, but also by level of customer service, coverage, assessments before the Condusef and the Financial Entities Bureau, and even for the financial information that it makes available to the public.

We do all this so that you can have timely information and can make an informed decision about what auto insurance is the best for your vehicle.

For this article, we will analyze the options of Auto Insurance that HDI Seguros has, a company with origin in important companies in Europe and that seeks to innovate the insurance offer in Mexico with several different products and outside of what you might think.

  • Experience of 10 years in the sector as HDI.
  • Offices throughout the country.
  • 5th place in the auto insurance sector (closing of 2018)

1. HDI Seguros Auto Insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles for which HDI Seguros offers auto insurance

HDI Seguros auto insurance offers coverage for the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Pickups

1.2 Uses of vehicles insured by HDI Seguros

  • Particular
  • Business or fleet (specific protection needs to be negotiated)

1.3 Insurance Packages and Coverages of HDI Seguros

HDI Seguros specializes in comprehensive coverage packages, with some options to increase protection.

  • Comprehensive coverage

This auto insurance option includes the following coverages:

Coberturas del seguro de autos HDI Seguros

Your deductibles are flexible, because they can range from:

  • Material damage: 3%. 5% and 11%
  • Total theft: 5% 10% Y 20% in theft

Remember that if you want to compare the differences between the auto insurance coverage, you can read the ARCA blog to make an informed decision.

HDI Seguros rating of compulsory insurance

As it does not have a Mandatory Auto Insurance package, HDI Seguros does not have a qualification in this area.

In its comprehensive package, HDI insurance already includes the coverage of Civil Liability of Goods and People and Catastrophic, with which the requirements of the Insurance of Obligatory Civil Liability , required by law for all vehicle owners who want to circulate on federal roads.

1.4 Deductibles and Insured amounts of HDI Seguros auto insurance

HDI Seguros auto insurance deductible costs and insured amounts are as follows.

Coberturas del seguro de autos HDI

1.5 General conditions of HDI Seguros auto insurance

If you want to review what the general conditions of the product offered by HDI Seguros include, you can review them here .

1.6 Price of the auto insurance from HDI Seguros para los 10 best-selling vehicles

To make life easier for you, at ARCA we undertook to quote the cost of HDI Seguros auto insurance for the best-selling vehicles in Mexico.

We take this list of the 10 best-selling models , and enter the Postal Code 06600 of Colonia Juárez in Mexico City as a reference.

1.7 Telephone number claims and road assistance from HDI Seguros

To report a claim with HDI you have two options depending on where you are in the Mexican Republic.

  • From your mobile phone you must dial 434
  • If you call from a landline call 01 800 19 6000

At ARCA we have a Car Accident Guide , where you can see the steps you must follow to reduce minimum damage suffered.

1.8 Other insurance and coverage

HDI Seguros is an insurer that has authorization to operate in the Life, Accident – Illness and Damage lines.

In addition to auto insurance, it also has products such as:

  • Home insurance
  • Company Insurance
  • Transport Insurance
  • Civil Liability for the traveler
  • Safe for electronic or electromagnetic equipment
  • Agricultural and industrial machinery

In the automobile industry, it offers protection for the following types of vehicles:

  • Coverage for resident cars Wide
  • Border and Legalized
  • Tourists

Apart from its wide coverage, HDI Seguros has a couple of additional modules that make the protection for your car more complete:

  • Auto Always
    • Unlimited Roadside Assistance and Tire Repair
    • Tire and Wheel Insurance
    • 0% deductible if the third party does not have insurance
    • Auto Substitute up to 30 days
    • Vehicle check-up
  • Car Lover
    • Theft of Auto Parts
    • Agency repair
    • 10% more in Total Loss Compensation
    • 0% Deductible for Total Loss due to Material Damage
    • Waxing the vehicle

One of the great advantages that HDI Seguros gives you is the possibility of contracting either of these two modules, even if you have insurance with another insurer.

If your vehicle has less than 11 years old, you can see if you are eligible for Auto coverage Premium, which gives you extra benefits:

  • Premium car lover
    • Preferential total loss
    • Save in your first crash
    • Auto parts theft
  • Auto Always Premium
    • Premium Substitute Car
    • Tire and wheel insurance
    • Theft and loss of keys

Other services that HDI Seguros has for its policyholders are:

  • Designated driver service if you drank
  • Insure your car for two years
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Cosmetic surgery if necessary for a claim

Additional benefits at no cost of HDI Seguros:
i . Road assistance up to 3 events a year for each service: tow truck, power supply, gasoline delivery, locksmith, mechanical assistance

ii. Cosmetic surgery for the driver and his companions

iii. Funeral assistance

iv. Substitute car in case of theft up to 7 days at no additional cost

v. Transfer in case of drunkenness up to 3 events (tow truck service).

HDI Insurance Guarantees:

  • Warranty on tin and paint. Guarantee of payment in 2 days for total loss (electronic transfer).
  • New release: Insurance for your pet (dog or cat) included at no cost in the car insurance:
  • to. Veterinary expenses or cremation in case of death as a result of a traffic accident where the pets (dogs / cats) that came as companions inside the vehicle and have been injured.
  • b. Cover up to $ 10 thousand pesos per year for one or more pets without event limits.

Before the Register of Insurance Adhesion Contracts (RECAS) of the Condusef, HDI Seguros has 21 types of auto insurance contracts.

2. Information about HDI Seguros

General data

HDI Seguros is a subsidiary company of HDI Assicurazioni SPA, an Italian company that is part of the Talanx Group (Talanx International Aktiengesellshaft) of Germany. Their headquarters are in León, Guanajuato and they arrived in Mexico in 1280.

Seguro de autos HDI en México

Some information about this insurer:

Countries in which it operates

As such, HDI operates in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, as well as Italy, where its parent company is located.

Seguro de autos HDI Seguros en el mundo.

Number of clients and / or volume of premiums (total business)

According to its Solvency and Financial Condition Report, HDI Seguros had 1, 509, 183 insured in all lines during 2017.

Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

According to the statistics of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), at the close of 2017, HDI Seguros managed to capture the 1. 44% of the total market in Mexico, ranking 17 Come in all insurers.

In Automobiles it has a better position, capturing 5. 82% of the market and being the 5th insurer in Mexico

2.2 HDI Seguros financial information

The main financial indicators of the insurer are the following:

HDI Seguros' combined technical ratio

The Combined Technical Ratio (which can also be called Combined Ratio or Combined Index) shows us the operating results of each insurer.

According to the HDI Seguros Solvency and Financial Condition Report, 2017 , the Combined Index in all branches was 96%; same figure as in the automobile industry.

Billing, cost per claims and loss ratio of HDI Seguros

The total billing of HDI Seguros during 2017 was 6, 903 million pesos according to its Consolidated Income Statement; while the cost per claims, in all the lines, was 3, 439 million pesos, which gives an accident rate of 61%.

When taking into account only the Automobile branch, the invoicing in 2017 is 5, 979 millions of pesos; of which 3, 124 millions of pesos went to cover claims, so the loss ratio increased one percentage point to 62%.

Financial valuation of HDI Seguros

To the 31 from December to 2017, HDI Seguros has a rating of “mxAAA” issued by Standard & Poor's national scale (information available in the Notes to the Financial Statements).

Índice de Desempeño de Atención a usuarios (Condusef)

2.3 Quality information attention of HDI Seguros

In order for you to have the most complete information possible, at ARCA we use different sources from official bodies to review the quality of service to users of each of the insurers we work with.

In this sense, the results are as follows:

User Service Performance Index (Condusef)

In the IDATU at the close of 2017, HDI Seguros had a rating Of 6.19; which places it in the position 31 out of a total of 79 insurance companies.

Índice de Desempeño de Atención a usuarios (Condusef)

Claims before the Condusef

During 2017 They registered 886 claims against HDI Seguros in the automobile branch. The most repeated -in general in all insurers- are due to refusal to pay compensation, non-compliance with the time for payment of compensation or non-compliance with the repair time of the affected property.

Claims submitted on the total of claims attended

Seguro de auto HDI Seguros lugar en siniestros

HDI Seguros was the 3rd insurer that attended the most automobile claims during 2017: 414, 979 total claims .

Based on the 886 claims made to Condusef, the claims / claims ratio in 2017 was 0. 22%.

Seguro de auto HDI Seguros y siniestros.

Sanctions imposed on HDI Seguros

This insurer did not receive a single sanction from the Condusef during 2017.

Average valuation to adjusters

In the Condusef adjuster valuation portal, HDI Seguros has a rating of 3.0 (the general average is 4.2); however, this figure is derived from a single assessed adjuster.

2.4 Added values ​​of HDI Seguros

This insurer seeks to innovate in the auto insurance market in Mexico with the following added values:

  • Option to contract its two modules even if you have insurance with another company
  • Option to insure your car for two years
  • Own workshop network with 24 branch offices throughout the Mexican Republic
  • drunk transfer
  • Digital Adjuster

Instead of having a mobile application, HDI Seguros has a digital adjuster service, consisting of an online platform through which you can report a claim, upload photos of the damage and send all the information for the assessment to be online.

Your promise of service is to receive in less than 2 hours the opinion of the report and the instructions to follow.

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