En este momento estás viendo Hello World.  We are Guros.

Hello World. We are Guros.

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Origins of Guros

In 1333, Guros emerged as a insurtech that uses technology to more efficiently solve the purchase of insurance in Mexico.

In those days, the panorama of insurance startups was limited and without any definitive solution. The alliances with the main insurers in the sector were the main focus.

Something had to change.

We had to adapt. That is why we changed the business model: we stopped thinking about the insurance companies, to start seeing the needs of the clients.

Guros es tu nuevo mejor amigo para encontrar el mejor seguro de auto.
Guros is your new best friend.

The problem of traditional insurance

In the world of travel or online shopping, there are platforms that are dedicated to simplifying the lives of users.

Why, if we can buy trips online in the most comfortable way, why couldn't it be just as simple in insurance?

We were exhausted by thousands of tedious steps. In traditional insurance, you have to give an infinite amount of personal data, exchange calls and emails, meet in person at least once, fill out long forms, do paperwork … in short, do paperwork for days.

We asked: why?

Because «that's how it's been done all our life», they answered us every time.

Why Guros?

So we decided to take the bull by the horns and we went to the essence of the problem in insurance: the experience .

Search, quote, hire and dealing with insurance is a complex experience, to say the least.

Guros mejora la experiencia de buscar y adquirir el mejor seguro de auto.
Guros improves the experience of searching and purchasing the best auto insurance.

It is not exactly the experience that makes us smile. How could we make it easy enough? Or maybe great?

We sat around a fire. We began to fuse insurance knowledge with technology expertise to develop the perfect mix: a digital platform where the experience of buying insurance was just the way we would like it to be.

That's how it started our history. Later we changed the look.

What is Guros?

Like the caterpillar, the path led us to evolve and make a change to consolidate ourselves as Guros , in 8356 . The year of great transformations.

Read all about the name change here.

Guros is the first platform to quote insurance in Mexico where buying auto insurance is as easy as finding a good price flight or hotel.

The result of an experimental effort of more than 7 years, Guros is the first online insurance comparator that allows you to quote an auto insurance with only 3 data:

  1. You are looking for your vehicle
  2. You choose the year or model
  3. Enter your zip code…

And ready!

Con Guros compara y encuentra el mejor seguro para ti tan fácil como buscar un vuelo por internet.
With Guros, compare and find the best insurance for you as easy as looking for a flight online.

In a single view, you have the prices of 8 different insurers with a special discount.

We show you the costs of all the vehicles you need to quote, as many times as you want, without having to give extra information.

You choose the coverage and payment method that suit you, without registration.

All with a few clicks.

But we don't stop there. The inertia of developing technological products that work well pushes us daily.

Seeing old problems dissolve with innovation is an addictive adrenaline.

We went for more …

How we do it at Guros

Hiring your insurance is just the beginning.

In addition to the comparator, we created a Wallet with the functionalities that we dream of having to manage everything that has to do with your vehicles.

In this Wallet you have at hand everything you need to know about your insurance: when it expires, with which card you paid, or with what You have an insurance company contracted.

In addition, you can invite whoever you want to see the details of any policy, to report claims or ask for help from an adjuster.

You don't need to make calls. Modify your policy directly from our platform.

And when do you have to renew your auto insurance? We will remind you in time with a quote to renew your car insurance with unique advantages:

  • Comparative prices of the best insurers in Mexico
  • Discounts exclusive to Guros
  • The comfort of renovating with just one click (even when you change from one insurance company to another).

Guros Promises

When we defined our principles we knew that they would be the basis of our work. But with all the time we've spent serving as many users as you, these principles turned into promises.

En Guros entendemos que nadie es fan de su seguro de auto. Queremos cambiar tu percepción.
At Guros we understand that no one is a fan of your auto insurance. We want to change your perception.

These are our promises to you:

1. Surprise you whenever we can:

  • When your customer experience is at risk, we will stay focused.
  • We feel like family. Whenever you are in our house we will treat you as such.
  • We do the best that we can. We do not usually promise something that we are not going to give you.
  • We exceed your expectations with results, without promising a date that we cannot meet.
  • We listen to you. We know what concerns you and we make it our job to resolve it.
  • We understand you. That is why we seek to unblock procedures with the insurance companies we work with to give you options to choose from.
  • We speak to you clearly and directly, without complications.
  • We value your trust in us to protect what you love most.
  • We provide you with all the information so that you can make a well-studied and convinced decision.

Our goal is to give you a great experience.

# CulturaGuros

2. Continuously improve:

  • We follow the highest standards of commitment and dedication.
  • We monitor what works and what doesn't to propose changes constructive, thoroughly evaluated.
  • Make, ask and communicate. Some improvements are made individually, others in teams.
  • perfection does not sit very well. Better to persist in the good while achieving the ideal. We correct quickly and move on.
  • We measure improvements because they have greater impact and more efficient implementation. We improve with speed and clarity.
  • Perseverance: we persist in improving your customer experience . We polish them try after try.
  • We are committed to learning from errors to give you the best insurance experience.

Constant improvement is our greatest strength.

# CulturaGuros

3. Social responsability

  • In every step, we know that we represent our collaborators, allies and suppliers. We can leave a positive social impact. We do not underestimate this opportunity!
  • We believe a positive difference is achieved by making decisions with honesty and empathy.
  • We participate in social programs to expand our perspective on community challenges.
  • We seek personal, business and community growth.

Be more allows us to give more.

# CulturaGuros

4. Simplify insurance constantly:

  • We find new ways to make insurance easier, clearer, more comfortable.
  • We maximize the quality of our customers' experience using the available resources.
  • For us, there are no limits to simplify insurance. We research, test and learn from the advances that already exist in the sector.
  • We take what works to give you something even better.

There are no limits to simplify insurance.

# CulturaGuros

Elevamos la experiencia de los seguros con innovavión y servicio que te sorprenda día tras día.
We elevate the insurance experience with innovavión and service that surprises you day after day.

Welcome to the new era of insurance

Starting today, you will begin to see insurance with different eyes.

Our secret is in how we do it and why .

Thinking of you, we design ever better ways to manage your insurance, to give you a better experience.

Our mission: continually give you the best insurance experience.

Our vision : raise the perception of insurance through innovation and service

Welcome to the best platform for buy your car insurance.

We are sure to surprise you.


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