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Hoy No Circula: the complete guide

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A summary of Today Is Not Circulating

To circulate or not to circulate? That is the question.

This transit program was born as an initiative to reduce the emission of polluting gases and improve air quality in our city.

We made you this brief guide so that you know the most important things about Hoy No Circula in Mexico.

El Hoy No Circula es una iniciativa para mejorar la calidad del aire.
The Hoy No Circula is an initiative to improve the quality of air.

What is Today Is Not Circulating?

In 1989, the Ministry of the Environment wondered “How can we control the number of cars and vehicles that circulate daily in Mexico City and the State of Mexico?

And someone said: «Let's make sure that those who have a plate that ends in 5 or 6 rest on Mondays only.» And they all said «vavava but what do we call this program?»

It didn't take long to name it and that's how this program was born.

It was growing until today, in 2020, which is activated 6 days a week and for all number plate terminations.

Existen 45.2 millones de vehículos al cierre de abril de 2020
Exist 45. 2 million vehicles at the end of April 2020

What is Today Not for Circula?

As you know, this city is not the cleanest in the world.

The World Health Organization says that Mexico's Air Quality Index ranges between Bad and Very Bad quality levels.

According to INEGI, a total of 22. 2 million vehicles at the end of April 2020.

Of this total, more than 13.6 millions (30% of total vehicles in the country) are between Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

And that is why this program only applies in these two states.

Vehículos en circulación en México 2020
Vehicles in circulation in Mexico in 2020

Results of the program Today No Circle

Although the program has a scientific basis, there are conflicting opinions.

We found the most recent scientific study possible (2014) and it turns out that there are pros and cons.

The Mario Molina Center published its Evaluation of the Hoy No Circula Program reporting the main consequences:


  • The issue of atmospheric pollutants has been reduced between a 25 and a 70%. In other words, the air quality in Mexico City is much better.
  • Together with the vehicle verification program, it promotes the renewal of vehicles. In other words, there is less gas emission, thanks to technological improvements.

    Facilitates the reaction to peaks of harmful gases or in environmental contingency (for example, in periods when it rains a lot). 737

  • Encourages the use of sustainable mobility options, such as bicycles or electric motorcycles.


  • Many city dwellers choose to buy a new vehicle. That is: 3% MORE vehicles circulating in the capital.
  • Some areas of the capital do not apply it.
  • Many vehicles circulate every day despite not meeting the verification standards. Since they have «special permissions».
  • The worst: many public transport vehicles do not respect these rules. However, most of the time the authorities cannot arrest them for these “agreements”.
¿Has considerado comprar un auto híbrido?
In your opinion, Today does not circulate, does it work or does it not work?

In conclusion: Hoy No Circula is not enough to reduce vehicle traffic.

To improve air quality in Mexico City, a super well thought-out comprehensive comprehensive plan is needed. Or maybe a miracle.

Where does the Today does not circulate

The Hoy No Circula Saturday is mandatory in all municipalities (formerly called delegations) in Mexico City (16)) and in the 18 suburban municipalities of the State of Mexico.

Calendario y colores del engomado Hoy no Circula 2020 How does Today Does Not Circulate?

As in relationships, the most toxic people are discarded first.

So it begins with the periodic inspection in the vehicle verification, which evaluates the level of polluting gas emissions.

Depending on the result, a hologram is awarded that certifies you as worthy of circulation or not, along with the color of the sticker (which is defined by the termination of the car plates). Specifically: the hologram determines the frequency, number of days that circulates, which vehicles are and which are not, how and why.

Colors of the sticker

In this table you can see when you can circulate.

The colors of the sticker correspond to the last digit on the license plate of your car and each one corresponds to a day:

Calendario y colores del engomado Hoy no Circula 2020
Calendar and colors of the sticker Hoy no Circula 2020

El Hoy No Circula applies to all vehicles with Holograms 1 and 2, out of 5: 00 AM until 24: 00 PM.

Not Circulating Today Saturday

Now, if you are hologram 0 or you can skip this section.

Today is not circulating Saturday works like this:

El Hoy No Circula Sabatino 2020
Not Today Saturday Circula 2020

Vehicle hologram types 2020

The different vehicle holograms determine how Hoy No Circula is applied for each vehicle.

This program was suspended due to the health crisis, but will be reactivated on 10 August 2020 with some recommendations.

And here we leave you the types of vehicular hologram, ordered from lowest to highest restrictions:

Exempt Hologram

Vehicles (for any use) with non-polluting energy sources or combustion emissions.

All electric and / or hybrid vehicles fall into this category.

See the full list of vehicles that can obtain the Exempt Hologram here.

Circulación de vehículos foráneos Hoy no Circula, 2020
These are the exempt vehicles from Today Does Not Run in 2020

Hologram 00 (Double zero)

Vehicles that are passing their first verification or, being a model later than 2014, are below the limits established in the verification program to obtain this hologram.

It can be obtained by the following vehicles:

  • Private vehicles (both gasoline and hybrids) whose performance is greater than 13 kilometers per liter.
  • Cargo and / or passenger transport vehicles that use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) ex factory.
  • ¿Has considerado comprar un auto híbrido?

    • Any diesel vehicle that has particle traps, Euro VI or EPA technology 10.

    If you are interested, find all the technical specifications in this detail.

    Hologram 0 (Zero)

    This type of decal applies to vehicles that do not exceed the limit established for obtaining the hologram, such as :

    • Gasoline vehicles, with use of private vehicle, for transporting cargo and / or people, model 2006 or later.
    • For Gasoline Taxi Model 2010 and later
    • For natural gas vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas or any other alternative fuel. Regardless of the model or use of the vehicle, as long as the fuel system:

      • Factory or officially authorized manufacture
      • Or certificate to obtain the zero hologram.
    • Diesel vehicles, of any use, with model 2006 or later.

    Hologram 1 one)

    This hologram is awarded to all electronic injection vehicles, regardless of fuel type or vehicle use.

    To obtain Hologram 1, the emission levels detected in the dynamic and / or static tests of the verification must be low.

    These limits vary depending on whether the vehicle is powered by gasoline, natural gas, gas, liquefied petroleum or any other alternative fuel. Check the emission limits depending on the type of fuel in this link.

    Hologram 2 (Two)

    This hologram is for all mechanical injection vehicles, regardless of the type of fuel they use.

    If the emission levels are not lower than allowed, the verification will be rejected.

    Not Circulating Today: foreign vehicles in CDMX

    Limited circulation for foreign vehicles works like this:

    • From Monday to Friday, they will not be able to circulate from 03: 00 AM and until 11: 00 AM.
    • From Monday to Friday, they will not be able to circulate one day a week (according to their license plates) between 05 : 00 AM and 22: 01 PM.
  • On Saturdays, they will not be able to circulate from 03: 00 AM until 22: PM.

A homologation of vehicle verification criteria was carried out. So the same restrictions apply in the following states:


  • Tlaxcala
  • Cuernavaca
  • Cuautla
  • Toluca
  • Pachuca
  • Tula de Allende
  • Tulancingo

Vehicles that qualify as foreign

The Hoy No Circula program applies a little differently for foreign vehicles.

This means that a vehicle is considered foreign if:

  • License plates from a federative entity different from those where the Hoy No Circula program is applied.
  • Does not have an official verification hologram.
  • It circulates with a hologram that is not recognized by the current Not Circulating Today.

Tourist Pass for Foreigners

The tourist pass is a special permit with which a foreign vehicle can walk through the capital and metropolitan area without restrictions.

And it was created to promote tourism from other states to CDMX and the State of Mexico.

The Tourist Pass is granted to those vehicles that meet this criterion:

  • Are for private use
  • Have less than 15 years of antiguaty.
  • Are gasoline vehicles and gas.
  • Their plates are not registered in any of the states belonging to the CAMe (Megapolis Environmental Commission):

      State of Mexico, CDMX, Puebla, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Hidalgo, Morelos, Querétaro or Tlaxcala

  • You can enter one request per vehicle every 6 months.

    Although the pass may last 14 days in a row or 2 periods of 7 days (continuous) how frequent is it that you process this pass ?

    Request a Tourist Pass for your vehicle electronically. It will arrive electronically when all the requirements are validated.

    Vehicles exempt from Today Is Not Running

    Vehicles that:

      are exempt from the restrictions of the Hoy No Circula program Get the hologram of Exempt, Zero (0) or Double-zero (00) at verification
    • Use non-polluting fuel (solar energy, electricity, etc.).
    • Have official authorization as school transport
    • Are used for emergency services, urban services, fire, medical, rescue, public safety and civil protection.
    • Any funeral service vehicle, during its activity.
    • Medical emergency vehicles that have the proper authorization.
    • V Vehicles driven by the disabled who have the proper identification and / or authorization.
    • Federal public passenger transportation service.
    • Vehicles with old or classic license plates, tractors, construction and mining machinery

    • Motorcycles or vehicles with demonstration and / or transfer plates.
    • Cars carrying a valid Tourist Pass.
    • Vehicles with a special permit SEDEMA for participating in a special program of mobile sources.

    What days do I not circle ?

    Depending on the plates and hologram, the restrictions of the Hoy No Circula program apply.

    Circulación de vehículos foráneos Hoy no Circula, 2020
    Circulation of foreign vehicles in 2020

    When is Today No Circulating suspended?

    The Hoy No Circula program is only suspended on Official Holidays of each year:

    • On January 1 (First Day of the Year)
    • On February 5 (Mexican Constitution Day)

    • The 21 of March (Birth of Benito Juárez, which usually runs to the previous Monday)
    • May 1 (or the day of Labor Day)
    • The 15 September (Independence of Mexico)
    • The 20 of November (Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, which usually runs to the previous Monday)
    • The 25 December (Christmas)
    • The 31 December (New Year)

    The rest of the days, Hoy No Circula works normally.

    In case of environmental contingency, even on public holidays, the program may be activated.

    Fines for not respecting the Today No Circula

    If you do not adhere to these restrictions you will have to pay fines. Ansorimaifren.

    Therefore, the value of the fine that touches you depends on the place where the offense is committed and the authority that registers it.

    For example, in the CDMX, the fine for circulating with a polluting vehicle costs the same as the extemporaneous verification: $ 1, 737. 60

    Failure to carry the verification hologram is sanctioned with 18 UMAs, that is: $ 1, 690 pesos.

    The penalty for circulating when not due is up to 24 UMAs, equivalent to $ 1, 853 or up to $ 2, 535 pesos. It varies.

    On the other hand, in the State of Mexico the offense has a fine of 30 minimum wages: $ 2.0 18.

    If you want to know if you have fines or debts of any kind, we will notify you.

    Just upload your plates to know that everything is in order and have all the paperwork of your car up to date.

    Note: This article has been edited and updated on Friday 26 June 2020.

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