If I Am Self-Employed, Do I Need Liability Insurance?


Being autonomous carries a number of responsibilities. It is clear that we cannot control everything that happens around us, but what we can do is protect our interests and our business against adversities and incidents that are the order of the day, especially in the professional field. A liability insurance is the best alternative, though not in all cases recruitment is mandatory. If you are self-employed and your priority is to protect the business that you have built with so much effort, we invite you to read this new article in which we explain in what circumstances it is necessary to subscribe a Civil Liability policy.
Although, Civil Liability insurance is not mandatory for all self-employed, its contracting is highly recommended to deal with possible claims from third parties that may be affected by any misfortune within our establishment. Ultimately, it is enough for us to make a simple mistake to spoil years of work and find ourselves in the painful situation of having to deal with an unacceptable claim.