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Quálitas car insurance: the good, the bad and its app

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Quálitas auto insurance: we study it for you.

Te We tell about their prices, service levels and their benefits.

Before renewing your insurance, compare $$ and coverages, we will provide you with the technical sheet of this insurer.

To start, you can quote and buy short here, comparing Quálitas with other 7 companies that offer you similar coverage in less than 30 seconds.

And because t e want a lot, first read this quick guide that we prepared.

In it we analyze and summarize everything you need to get the most out of your auto insurance.

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app.
Quálitas: this quick guide will help get the most out of your car insurance.

What does Quálitas auto insurance cover you? ?

Quálitas offers you auto insurance for cars, pickups, vans, tractors, trucks and motorcycles .

Therefore, no matter what you do, Quálitas vehicles allow you to cover the following uses:

Los tipos de uso de los vehículos en Quálitas seguro de auto  que puedes asegurar.
The types of use of the vehicles in Quálitas that you can insure.

The 3 coverages

First of all, Quálitas auto insurance offers you the 3 most common package options: Comprehensive, Limited, Civil Liability (RC), with the following coverages:

Quálitas seguro de auto  tiene diferentes paquetes con coberturas y beneficios para el uso de tu vehículo.
Quálitas has different packages with coverage and benefits for the use of your vehicle.

To use them with benefit, read all the details about the main auto insurance coverages.

Quálitas auto insurance costs

Second, we show you the main insured and deductible sums for each of the coverages offered:

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app
To obtain Quálitas auto insurance, get listed on GUROS in less 3 minutes.

By the way, if you have a coffee on hand, you can read here the general conditions of Quálitas auto insurance.

Examples of Quálitas auto insurance costs ?

Third, we invite you to check our quote for the three most popular types of coverage offered by Quálitas.

For example, to give you an idea, we did an exercise , with the list of the 10 best-selling models in Mexico, and we quote the cost of the 3 coverages in annual payment, with the Postal Code 06600, from Colonia Juárez in CDMX, as an example .

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app
Example of how Quálitas auto insurance prices can be compared.

We even recommend you read our Car Accident Guide to prevent and know what to do in case of accidents.

Quálitas auto insurance, what else does it have for me?

Most importantly: with 20 products registered with the Contract Registry Insurance Adhesion (RECAS) of the Condusef, Quálitas also offers the following coverage:

  • Professional RC for Insurance Agents
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown for New and Used cars, with 3 types of coverage: Basic, Standard and Deluxe
  • CR Abroad (USA and Canada)
  • Compulsory Vehicle RC Insurance
  • 2 coinsurance programs:
    1. Zurich Santander: insurance cars and trucks up to 3.5 t oneladas, both for personal and legalized and border use.
    2. Tokio Marine: Insurance for Cars and trucks up to 2.5 tons for personal use, Pick Ups and cargo vans and of course the Insurance RC mandatory.

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app
Quálitas has more than 22 registered products. There is one for you.

Quálitas auto insurance: General data

Mexican origins ??

Quálitas is an insurer 100% Mexican, founded by Lic. Joaquín Brockman Lozano in 1993 , specialized in auto insurance and all types of vehicles.

With a presence in Latin America, it has the first place in performance index in the Stock Market until .

At this point in 2020 takes more of 9 million pesos in written premiums, which makes it Seventh place in volume of premiums sold . Of 2017 to 2020 dropped from first to seventh place due to changes in the economy, automotive industry and other factors.

In addition, according to data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), the volume of premiums administered by Quálitas at the end of the year 2018 was just over $ 34 millions of pesos.

La posición de Quálitas seguros de auto en México
In addition to Mexico, Quálitas has an international presence with you look to expand.

Positioning in the insurance industry in Mexico

The Condusef Financial Entities Bureau evaluates and rates insurers based on Claims reported by users, including sanctions and complaints of the Condusef.

Additionally, in its Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance, Quálitas qualifies with 9. 05 about 10 , as a result it is placed in the position 3 of 22 insurers with this service , while for Resident Automobile insurance it obtained a 7. 40.

Look where it is:?

La posición de Quálitas seguros de auto en México
The position of Quálitas auto insurance in Mexico

With a market share of 5. 18% , Quálitas is the 6th insurer by business volume in the ranking of insurers in Mexico.

However, only in car insurance, Quálitas has a participation of almost 30% in Mexico, remaining as the number 1 in terms of premium volume .

How about your customer service? ? ️

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app
Quote and compare Quálitas prices and find your car insurance today.

To give you all these key data, we monitor the quality of care of each insurer consulting official bodies and we found interesting results.

Condusef Rating

In 2019, the Condusef User Service Performance Index gives Quálitas a rating of 7. 13 and a rating in electronic management of 7. 91 about 10.

Not bad, right?

Complaints about your service

During 2019, Quálitas received 1, 921 claims, representing the 20% of the total. This makes it the insurer with the most issues to be resolved in this branch .

However, the Condusef does not specify the causes of claims , but among the most frequent we saw:

  • Payment of compensation refused
  • Disagreement with payment times
  • Nonconformity with the repair of the affected property

Claims on claims attended

Quálitas seguro de auto: lo bueno, lo malo y su app
The good, the bad and the Quálitas insurance app in Mexico.

In the first quarter of 2018, attended 351 , 857 claims, against a total of 1, 0 91 claims. In other words, it has a rate of 0.3% of claims .

Practically nothing.


On the other hand, Quálitas ranked 4th with 1.5% of the total penalties in the automotive sector, at the close of 2019 .

Similarly, the Condusef applied 2 penalties to Quálitas for a total of $ 84, 120 in the first quarter of 2018 .

But the sanction was for failing to comply with a law that protects the user of financial services, by omitting the presentation of a report.

Adjuster service ?

Finally, the service of the Quálitas adjusters obtained an average rating of 6. 64 (2017), which places it in the position 18 of 79 registered insurers. In 2019, the report was published with a average of 4.5 for all adjusters in Mexico.

The cherry on Quálitas cake ?

Finally we tell you that in addition to payment methods for months without interest , road assistance and unlimited travel, it has its own network of mechanical workshops .

Best of all, Quálitas developed its own application for smartphones called Qmóvil , for iOS and Android.

The result is simplicity and pure comfort: since from its app you can do everything: from report and manage your claims, ask for help and communicate with the adjuster, to see the monitoring of the repair of your car. And much more:

    Check the details of your policy

  1. Locate your vehicle by GPS .
  2. Search gas stations , hospitals and workshops.
  3. Get discounts in establishments affiliated with MÁS Card.

Compare and renew from your cell phone ?

So you already know all the good, the bad and the Quálitas app.

In conclusion, we can make sure you find an option for your vehicle. So compare and quote here in less than 30 seconds without leaving home.

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