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Sompo Insurance auto insurance: everything you need to know

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Auto Insurance from Seguros Sompo: everything you need to know

Having a car does not only mean satisfaction, but obligations and responsibility, so it is important to take care of your safety and of others. For this, the only option is to have car insurance.

In addition to being a road requirement, having auto insurance provides economic, legal and even medical coverage. Do you know the benefits of having auto insurance?

To be sure which insurance could be the best option for you and to know the differences between the different offers, in Guros we set out to make it easier for you. That is why we bring you the most important information on the different options for auto insurance that are present in Mexico.

Choose the car insurance is not only related to the cost, but also covers your needs and that does not exceed your budget, for this reason we present you a very complete guide where you will know prices, coverage and details of the different options.

One of the options in the market is Sompo Seguros México, a subsidiary of Sompo Internacional. It is a company that operates in our country since 1998, mainly focused on damage insurance and the automobile industry. Specifically in Mexico, it is backed by Atlas insurance.

1. Sompo Auto Insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles for which Sompo offers auto insurance

First of all, you should know that the motor vehicles covered by the auto insurance with Sompo are the following:

  • Automobiles.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Trucks up to 3.5 tons.
  • Trucks over 3.5 tons.
  • Tractor trucks.
  • Seguros Sompo

1.2 Uses of vehicles insured by Sompo

Second, you should know that Sompo's auto insurance covers the following automotive uses:

  • Particular.
  • Commercial (including of load or rent).
  • Personal transportation.

1.3 Packages and Coverages Sompo auto insurance

In search of having a point of reference with the other insurers, it was verified that Seguros Sompo has the traditional packages in the market:

  • Wide
  • Limited
  • Civil Liability

In addition, the team presents a table listing the protection and coverage that appear in these packages:

Seguros Sompo

Sompo (Atlas) rating of compulsory insurance

Score 8.3 (Place 5 of 23)

In the Bureau of Financial Entities you can check the rating obtained by the different insurers in Mexico . Among other factors, the number of Claims and Controversies received is considered, as well as the Sanctions applied by the Condusef, to qualify the different insurers in Mexico.

Sompo is one of the 12 insurance institutions that did not directly enter the evaluation, because the Condusef indicates that they do not market and / or handle the product of standardized basic automobile insurance.

However, the auto insurance offered in Mexico is granted in partnership with Seguros Atlas.

That is why we offer the information on the qualification of the obligatory insurance of Seguros Atlas, who obtained a qualification of 8.3 points on a scale from 0 to 10. that is, Atlas and, consequently, Sompo, are in position 5 of the 23 insurance companies (evaluated by Consudef) that offer auto insurance in Mexico.

1.4 Deductibles and insured sums of Sompo's auto insurance

If you are interested in knowing the insured sums and the deductible amount that you would have to cover in the event of a claim, we show you the data handled by Sompo auto insurance:

el mejor seguro de auto

1.5 General conditions of Sompo's auto insurance

We believe that reading the general conditions of any service will avoid surprises, and in the case of insurers even more so . In the case of Sompo insurance, we recommend that you review the general conditions of the auto insurance of Seguros Atlas .

1.6 Insurance quote Sompo car for the

As a good consumer, a high point in purchasing analysis is always comparing the price, hence this time we bring you information that could help you.

Guros shows you the price of in the 10 best-selling models in Mexico, for which we use as a reference the Postal Code 06600 in Mexico City:

Seguros Sompo

1.7 Sompo accident and road assistance telephone number

If you have your auto insurance with Sompo, the numbers to communicate are the following. You can request medical, road or adjuster assistance:

For Mexico City and Metropolitan Area:

  • 6754 5050
  • 2167 6009
  • 2167 6012
  • 9177 5000

For the rest of the Mexican Republic:

  • 01 800 917 39 15
Seguros Sompo

1.8 Other insurance and coverage offered by Sompo

Seguros Sompo has a wide range of products, mainly in the field of damages. As a sample we show you its generalized list of services:

  • Business
  • Fire
  • Various Miscellaneous
  • Various Technicians
  • General Civil Liability
  • Transportation
  • Family
  • Car

2. Information about Sompo

2.1 General Information

Sompo Seguros México is a subsidiary of Sompo Internacional, a global provider specialized in general insurance and reinsurance, in turn a subsidiary that belongs to Sompo Holdings, Inc., a leader in the sector in Japan.

In our country, is a company legally authorized to operate Damage Insurance throughout Mexico since 1998.

Seguros Sompo

According to the firm itself, its objective is to provide its clients with insurance according to their protection needs and in line with the highest global service standards.

Some information about the insurer:

Countries where it operates

Seguros Sompo refers operations in 32 countries; including Mexico.

el mejor seguro de auto

Financial Support

Sompo México belongs to one of the most important general insurance groups in Japan. Its worldwide coverage specializes in insurance for the agricultural, professional, property, maritime and energy sectors. In addition, it offers general and specialized insurance, catastrophes, damages, claims, professional and reinsurance.

Number of clients and / or volume of premiums

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions ( AMIS ) and its total records of 2017, Seguros Sompo had operations for a total value 382, 221 A thousand pesos.

Seguros Sompo

Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

According to the figures cited, Sompo occupies the place 51 of 83 in the global ranking of insurers in Mexico, with 0 participation. 35% of the national market.

In the automotive industry, it is located in the place 25 of 32, with the 0. 15% of market share in Mexico.

2.2 Financial information of Seguros Sompo

The main financial indicators of the insurer are the following:

Combined technical ratio of Seguros Sompo

Regarding the Combined Technical Ratio or Combined Index, that is, the operating result of each insurer. As of the fourth quarter of 2017, Seguros Sompo had a Combined index in the automobile sector of 123%, with a growth of 25. 10%.

Turnover, cost per claims and loss ratio of Seguros Sompo Seguros

Taking into account the public data of the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, Sompo reported at the close of 2017 a raising of $ 531, 085 thousand pesos for the total of all Premiums issued.

Meanwhile, the loss ratio in the same period reached $ 306, 218 A thousand pesos; with which the accident rate was 57. 66%.

According to these AMIS data, the automobile branch, Seguros Sompo billed $ 1, 816 A thousand pesos. While for claims in that branch accrued $ 1, 183 thousand pesos, that is, 64. 79% of the total at the close of 2017.

Financial valuation of Seguros Sompo

According to the rating agency Moody's , internationally, Sompo had a rating:

A1, Medium-high grade, subject to low credit risk.

Meanwhile, at the national level, under the name Sompo Seguros Mexico, SA de CV, Standard and Poor's :

A-, With full capacity to respond to the debit.

2.3 Information on Sompo's quality of care

To know the level of quality of care of each insurer, at Guros we choose to resort to official bodies to evaluate the service, claims and even sanctions against the insurers themselves.

Here we share the data of Seguros Sompo:

User Service Performance Index (Condusef)

Seguros Sompo does not appear in the Condusef User Service Performance Index (IDATU) of the accumulated of 2017, For that reason, not a position was assigned within the 83 insurers of which there is a record.

Claims before the Condusef

In the first quarter of 2018, Sompo was located on the spot 63 of 79, regarding claims before Condusef in the Automobile Damage line, without claims, therefore there is no favorable resolution percentage.

Claims submitted on total claims attended

In the same period, Seguros Sompo has a volume of 29 claims and without evidence of claims for claims filed with the Condusef .

Because there are no cases before the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services , Seguros Sompo does not appear in the ranking of insurers with the most claims.

Sanctions imposed on Sompo

According to the website of the Bureau of Financial Institutions , during 2017 to Insurance Sompo was not penalized, while in the first quarter of 2018 was recorded a fine for 13, 020 A thousand pesos.

Average valuation to adjusters

In your last average table of the evaluation of the adjusters de la Conducef, Seguros Sompo does not appear on the list, however, because the service is provided by Atlas insurance, its evaluation of 7.6 was taken as a reference (on a scale of 0 to 10) among the best in the sector.

2.4 Sompo aggregate values ​​

Now it's your turn to learn about some of the advantages of hiring Seguros Sompo. In addition, we present the added values ​​that it offers:

  • Atlas Insurance Backup
  • Atlas Zero Plus: In case of total loss, either due to material damage or total theft of the unit, the insured will not have to pay the corresponding deductible.
  • Daily compensation for theft and total loss due to material damage: In case of theft or total loss, the insurer will pay an amount, for each day that exceeds the period established by the insurer to indemnify the insured.
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