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The 4 steps to get your vehicle out of the Corralón in CDMX

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The corralón has my vehicle: guide to recover it as soon as possible

If your vehicle is in a corralón, here you can find a short guide so that you can recover your vehicle as soon as possible.

1. Check if your vehicle is in a corral

If you are not sure if your vehicle is in a corral, you can check it by doing the following:

  • In Mexico City, call the Address of Control of Vehicles in Warehouses of the Ministry of Public Security , you can find the number and telephone of citizen attention in this link. 6261 6667 (Crane Depot) to confirm if your vehicle was taken to the corralón.
  • Check in your nearest corral if your vehicle was towed. The Ministry of Finance has enabled this portal to consult the corralones in Mexico City.
  • Contact 5242 5004 with the Citizen Service Center of the Ministry of Mobility, at 5811 5004 or 5709 3104 for the Directorate of Vehicle Control of the Ministry of Public Safety or Locatel 5656 5811 to confirm if your vehicle is in a corral.

2. Documentation necessary to remove your vehicle from the corralón

Once you have located your vehicle in the corralón, in order to be authorized to remove it, you must present the following documents in original format and two copies :

2.1 If the vehicle is registered in your name on the Circulation Card

  • Current driver's license.
  • Official identification (INE, IFE, valid passport, National Military Service card or professional ID).
  • Valid circulation card.
  • Car insurance policy in force. If you do not have a policy, you can take out your insurance with GUROS by clicking here.
  • Proof of no debts for the previous year's tenure (the printing of the page of the Ministry of Finance is not valid). If you do not have the receipt, request a payment certification at the Tax Administration or at a Treasury Service Center. For all the tips on your vehicle ownership, read our complete ownership guide.

2.2 If the vehicle is NOT registered in your name on the Circulation Card

In addition to all the documentation mentioned above, they will also ask you for the original invoice or endorsed invoice letter in your name.

2.3 If the vehicle is registered in the name of a Moral Person

In addition to the aforementioned documents, d you must also bring a letter signed by the legal representative of the company in which it is verified that the vehicle is property of the company and the original invoice or invoice letter current for comparison.

For legal entities, the legal representative with a power of attorney or signed power of attorney must appear to carry out the procedure.

If you have a fine, debt, infraction or penalty for a similar concept, they will ask you to pay the amount to remove your vehicle from the corralón. The same happens if your holding is pending payment or you owe a holding.

Additionally, you must pay the costs for hauling, that is, the cost of having taken your vehicle to the corralón. It is important to note that each day that your vehicle continues in the corralón, this cost will increase.

3. How much does it cost to get my vehicle out of the yard?

Based on the Mexico City Tax Code, remove a vehicle from the corralón in cost:

Cuánto cuesta sacar mi vehículo del corralón

  • Drag (up to 3.5 tons): $ 733 . 50 (Article 230 number I of the Tax Code)
  • Storage cost (per additional day): $ 76. 70 (Article 231 of the Fiscal Code)

If your vehicle weighs more than 3 and a half tons, you will have to pay $ 1, 462. 50 for retrieving it. When you collect your vehicle within the first thirty calendar days, you are eligible for a discount of 50%. This amount may vary based on the reason for which the vehicle is taken to the corral.

4. Check your vehicle and your belongings

When you present the documents and make all the corresponding payments, the operators will release your vehicle from the corral.

When your vehicle enters the corral, operators must place security seals on the doors, trunk and hood to protect any objects that may be there. Do not forget to check them when you pick up the car and check that they are not broken or altered.

When your vehicle is delivered, check that all your belongings are in order, among others:

  • Any important document that was inside the car (registration card, contracts, minutes, etc. .).
  • Any Valuable electronic device, cell phones, computers or cell phone chargers.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Cash, checks or similar.
  • Keys.
  • Your insurance policy.
  • Your car bill.
  • Any object in doors, trunk or any other compartment.
  • The fuel level.
  • Clothing or accessories that may be found inside the vehicle.

It is advisable to carry out an exhaustive review of all these elements, as well as the state of the vehicle to see that it is not missing plates or parts or has a mechanical failure on delivery that was not there before taking the vehicle to the corralón.

If you detect an anomaly, a property has disappeared or you want to report an eventuality, you can contact the numbers of the Citizen Attention Center mentioned above:

Teléfonos del Centro de Atención Ciudadana Secretaria de Movilidad

  • 5242 5004 for the Citizen Service Center of the Ministry of Mobility.
  • 5709 3600 or 5811 3104 for the Directorate of Vehicle Control of the Ministry of Public Security.
  • 5656 5811 Locatel .

Or access the website of the Citizen Service Area by clicking here.

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