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Ve Por Más auto insurance: everything you need to know

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Ve Por Más car insurance (BX ): everything you need to know

There are certain times in the year when weather conditions complicate life in cities. Particularly the rainy season is a difficult season: there is more traffic and more water when circulating, which increases the incidence of vehicular accidents.

If you are a car owner, you must be aware of this risk and take the necessary measures to reduce the consequences in the event of an accident. That is why in Guros we created a guide for you to know the different options insurance companies on the market so that you can make a decision more easily.

This time we are going to analyze Ve Por Más car insurance.

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1. Ve por Más auto insurance

1.1 Types of vehicles that can be insured at Ve Por Más

First of all, you should know the vehicles covered by Ve Por Más auto insurance. Your auto insurance coverage may apply if your vehicle is one of the following:

  • Car
  • Pickups
  • Motorcycles
  • Microbuses
  • Trucks
  • Buses
Tipos de vehículos Ve por Más

1.2 Uses covered by the auto insurance of See More

Secondly, it is important to know the uses that Ve Por Más car insurance covers. This insurance will offer coverage as long as your vehicle is used for any of the following purposes:


Intended for the transport of people, for family use or transport of household goods or goods without commercial or profit purposes.


For the transport of goods and / or cargo for commercial purposes and / or profit for the contractor, insured or driver (even if it is occasionally).


Vehicle to transport sick or injured people to, from or between treatment sites. They must have the respective chromatic and turret, for their proper identification.

Driving School, Single Control or Double Control

Vehicle for teaching car driving.


Used in official, solemn acts or for the transport of coffins that contain the mortal remains of a person.

Commercial With Trailer Trailer

For the dragging or transfer of objects for commercial purposes and that generates a profit. It must be equipped with suitable machinery for this purpose (hook or platform).


To provide the service of transfer of people, derived from an accident or eventuality. It is generally part of hospitals, government agencies, municipalities, state governments or similar entities.

Private With Trailer Tow

Vehicle used for the dragging or transfer of objects without commercial purposes. It must be equipped with suitable machinery (hook or platform).


To provide public safety, traffic regulation and / or rescue service, which is adapted with turrets, stirrups, signs or other accessories.

Daily Rent

Destined to rent to a third party for short or long periods of time and for a particular service.

Private security

Private security service, traffic regulation and / or rescue, which is adapted with turrets, strobes, signs or other accessories.

Individual and Collective Taxi

Transportation service for people without a specific route, whereby a third party pays a fee to the driver of the car in exchange for the service provided. The vehicle may or may not be adapted and identified.

School Transportation and / or Employees

Intended to transport students and / or employees from one place to another.


Used to transport people who provide tourism services.

1.3 Ve Por Más auto insurance packages and coverage

Third, you must know what coverage and packages Ve Por Más auto insurance offers.

Among its basic auto insurance packages, it handles traditional coverages (broad, limited and Civil Liability coverage).

Additionally, Ve Por Más car insurance has two different additional coverages that almost no other insurer offers: assistance for lost keys and assistance for lost tickets.

The coverage included in each of the different packages are the following:

Coberturas Ve por Más

Qualification of the compulsory insurance of Ve Por Más

5.08 (Place 14 of 23)

Ranking Ve por Más

There is also the Obligatory Civil Liability Insurance modality, with which you can circulate without restrictions in places such as Mexico City or the country's federal highways.

To evaluate this product, the Bureau of Financial Entities of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) designed in 2014 a matrix to rate the performance of the insurers that offer this product.

The rating is the result of comparing the number of claims established by the insured before the Condusef, as well as the satisfaction they achieve with their clients, the sanctions imposed and the follow-up that the companies give to the observations of the Commission.

Ve Por Más auto insurance achieved in said evaluation a rating of 5. 08 Points of A maximum of 08, to get into the position 14 of 23 companies evaluated.

1.4 Deductibles and insured amounts of Ve Por Más auto insurance

The insured amounts and deductibles that have the basic coverage of BX insurance are the following:

Deducibles Ve por Más

1.5 General conditions of Ve Por Más car insurance

So that you can consult all the details of the coverage offered by Ve Por Más in its insurance and learn more about its products, you can check the following link: General conditions.

1.6 How much does the Ve Por Más policy cost for the 10 Best-selling car models in Mexico?

To give you an idea of ​​the costs that Ve Por Más handles in its different policies, in Guros we designed a study that shows the price of insurance for 10 best-selling vehicles in Mexico.

To have a unified criterion, we choose the annual payment method and the Postal Code 06600, from the colony Juárez in Mexico City, for models 2016. This was the result:

Vehículos más vendidos BX

1.7 Ve Por Más

In case you require the support of an adjuster by accident, the Ve Por Más claims telephone number is:

  • 800 830 3676

1.8 Other insurance and coverage offered by Ve Por Más

Within its insurance portfolio, Ve Por Más has other insurances , both for the individual assets of its policyholders, and some options for companies:

Among these insurances, Ve Por Más offers coverage such as:

  • Individual and group life insurance
  • Individual major medical expenses insurance and collectives
  • School personal accident insurance
  • Insurance for fleets of cars
  • Damages for house and room
  • Damage to offices and industry
  • In total, Go For More has included 76 products in the Register of Insurance Adhesion Contracts (RECAS) of the Condusef. From them, 10 belong to the automobile industry. They are the insurance of:

    • Car
    • Pickup
    • Motorcycle
    • Minibuses
    • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Sure Standardized Basic of Civil Liability Coverage
  • Auto Tour
  • CR Mandatory
  • Regulated Automobiles
  • 2. General information of Go For More

    Grupo Financiero Ve Por Más was born in 1995 as Dresdner Bank México, SA Institución de Banca Múltiple. Changed its name to 2003 to Banco Ve por Más, SA Multiple Banking Institution. Finally, in 2014 acquired your current name.

    It is a small financial institution in Mexico, but despite this it is one of the fastest growing in the banking sector in Mexico.

    It is currently made up of four business units:

    • Bank
    • Brokerage Firm
  • Landlord
  • In other words, its product portfolio includes solutions for different financial needs, among which are: loans, leasing, factoring, fiduciary, insurance, investment and stock market strategy.

    2.1 History and general data

    Sucursales Ve por Más

    Grupo Financiero Ve Por Más is made up of Mexican capital. Currently it only serves the national market. It has a presence in 29 states of the Mexican Republic.

    Ve Por Más bank has the following branches:

    Sucursales Ve por Más

    • Mexico City (4)
    • Satellite, State of Mexico
    • Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico
    • Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
    • Guadalajara Jalisco
    • Hermosillo, Sonora (2)
    • León, Guanajuato
    • Matamoros, Tamaulipas
    • Merida Yucatan
    • Mexicali, Baja California
    • Monclova, Coahuila
    • Monterrey , Nuevo León (3)
    • Morelia, Michoacán
    • Obregón, Sonora
    • Puebla, Puebla (2)
    • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
    • Querétaro, Querétaro
    • Saltillo Coahuila
    • San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
    • Tampico, Tamaulipas (2)
    • Tepic, Nayarit
    • Torreón, Coahuila (2)
    • Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas
    • Veracruz, Veracruz
    • Villahermosa, Tabasco (2)
    • Tlalnepantla – Branch
    • Hospital Ángeles (in each of the hospitals in the “Ángeles” network).

    In addition, it has a service office in San Diego, California.

    2.2 Financial information of Ve Por Más

    Ve Por Más is a relatively young company for the average number of insurers within the Mexican insurance sector, which is why it is still one of the entities with the lowest volume of business in the sector. Despite this, the market to which it is directed and the volume of business it has generated in recent years, have made it stand out quickly.

    Here are some of the most significant figures of the company:

    Premium volume

    Ve Por Más achieved a cumulative premium for more than $ 2, 145 million pesos at the end of the year 2017. Grew more than one 42. 8% vs 2016, which makes it one of the fastest growing insurers in Mexico.

    Primas Banco Ve por Más Primas Banco Ve por Más

    Of them, $ 241 million correspond to the automobile branch, which grew by 32% vs the previous year, according to data from the National Insurance and Surety Commission (CNSF).

    Ranking in the Mexican insurance sector

    In the last quarter of last year, Ve Por Más was positioned in the place 32 of 84 insurance companies that exist in Mexico. Achieved a market share of 0. 45% in all its branches. For the automobile industry, it stood at 21 of 33, with a market share of 0. 24%.

    Claims ratio of Go For More

    According to the CNSF, as of the last quarter of 2017, Go For More spent $ 1, 99 million pesos as payment of claims in all branches where it operates. This yielded a loss ratio – the ratio of premiums earned to claims paid – of 50. 99%. In the auto branch, the amount of claims paid was $ 76. 3 million pesos, with an accident rate of 57 . 73%.

    This places Ve Por Más as one of the insurers with the best claims ratio, despite the aggressive growth of the insurer.

    Financial rating of Ve Por Más

    In addition, the Financial group Ve por Más has various certifications on its financial strength. Among them, the most notable are the following:

    • mx A-1- Stable with risks, by the certifier Standard & Poor's
    • A (mex) -Stable by the house Fitch
    Calificación financiera Ve por Más

    2.3 Quality of care and level of service of Ve Por Más

    To measure the level of service that insurers have, the Condusef established the User Service Performance Index . During the 2017, Ve Por Más obtained a rating of 8. 94 points, in a maximum of 10. This positions the insurer as the company number 28 of the total of 84 evaluated insurers.

    Claims before Condusef

    For its part, the Condusef attended a total of 153 claims for complaints about the service provided by Ve Por Más. The majority of complaints presented, according to the institution, were due to:

    • Refusal to pay compensation
    • Disagreement with the time for the repair of the affected property
    • Disagreement with the time for payment of compensation

    Claims for claims attended

    However, this figure is relatively low. In total, Go For More attended 7, 620 claims , so the relationship between the total number of claims and those that were dealt with by the Condusef is close to 2%. This figure is known as: claims ratio per claim.

    Ratio of claims over total claims handled

    This ratio is higher than the average number of companies in the sector (both the number of claims handled, as well as the claims before Condusef). However, they are within the average, which is positive considering the entity's accelerated growth.

    In the study we are conducting in Guros, other insurers that obtained better ratings were: GNP (0.9%), AXA (0. 88%) Mapfre (0. 07%) Zurich (0. 52% ), Atlas (0.3%) Quálitas (0.3%), Chubb (0. 03%) HDI (0. 22%) General Insurance (0. 18%), ANA Seguros (0. 14%).

    Go For More sanctions against the Condusef

    The Condusef sanctioned in 2017 to BX on a total of five occasions. The amount of said penalties amounted to a total of $ 175, 670 Mexican pesos.

    Average valuation of the adjusters of BX

    Finally, the Condusef established an evaluation of the quality of care that the adjusters have of each insurer. In this regard, Ve Por Más does not appear in this list, which includes 26 of the 32 companies that offer the service in the country.

    2.4 Added values ​​of the Go For More insurance

    The coverages and additional values ​​offered by Ve Por Más auto insurance are:

    • Accidental death of the driver
    • Value Ve For More More ( 10% of commercial value)
    • Extension of the deductible for material damage and / or theft for total loss
    • Extension of civil liability
    • Inclusion of special equipment in coverage (optional with additional cost)
  • Adaptations and conversions (optional with additional cost)
  • RC for deceased I lie
  • RC for occupants
  • 0% deductible in case of a responsible third party
  • Substitute car for partial loss in case of accident
  • Tire damage
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