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Was your car stolen? React with these 5 steps

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In 2020, the reports of stolen vehicles were the highest in history.

June 2020 to July 2020, they stole 228 insured cars per day, a total of more than 77 thousand vehicles stolen in 12 months. According to the Annual Figures on Insured Car Theft report, prepared by the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS).

During the pandemic, due to low traffic mobility, the lowest month was May with 2, 182 units stolen throughout the month.

However, now that we begin to resume activities, we want you to be attentive and informed.

Here we leave you a brief guide that will help you know what to do in case your vehicle is stolen.

Durante la cuarentena los reportes de vehículos robados bajaron. Sin embargo, es bueno que leas estos 5 pasos para reaccionar adecuadamente.
During the quarantine, reports of stolen vehicles dropped. However, it is good that you read these 5 steps to react appropriately.

1. Think of you first

It is natural that your first reaction to a robbery is to try to avoid it. Be careful. Try to think before yelling or trying to attack whoever is trying to steal your vehicle.

The 62% of car thefts include violence. You don't know if the person is armed or not. If you see someone trying to force your vehicle, don't risk trying to stop it .

Things are replaced, your health and your integrity are not.

Tips Guros

If the theft occurs when you are inside the car, it is best to follow the instructions of the assailant and not to resist.

Follow their instructions without making sudden movements. Try to look at details to report them to the authorities later.

Never follow the assailant or try to locate your vehicle without the help of the police.

2. Confirm if your vehicle was stolen

If you left your car parked and it is gone, keep calm . Think what else could have happened.

1. A tow truck took it because you parked it in a forbidden place. In this case, read our article on what to do if your vehicle was towed.

2. Some family member took it without notifying you. (It comes to pass.)

Si estás seguro que tu vehículo fue robado, mantén la calma para recordar todos los datos importantes que necesitarás tener a la mano para reportarlo.
If you are sure that your vehicle was stolen, keep calm to remember all the important information you will need to have on hand to report it.

3. Report the theft of your vehicle to your insurer

One of the main benefits of having an auto insurance policy s , is that you can call your insurer so that they send a lawyer to help you with the procedure before the corresponding Public Ministry.

The assigned lawyer will help you know what to do and guide you through the process.

It is important to report the vehicle as stolen to the authorities as soon as possible so that:

1. Find your vehicle at the highest possible speed

2. Misuse of the car does not imply a responsibility for you

3. The total theft coverage of your insurance can be executed and you receive the compensation from the insurer.

4. Report the theft of your vehicle

In order to file your complaint, the corresponding Public Ministry will ask you for information such as:

En caso de robo de auto, piensa en todos los datos necesarios para reportarlo ante las autoridades y tratar de recuperarlo lo antes posible.
In case of car theft, think about all the necessary data to report it to the authorities and try to recover it as soon as possible.

During the theft investigation, additional information may be requested: vehicle serial number, engine number or proof of ownership.

You can find this on your vehicle invoice or on your circulation card. You can also consult the information of your vehicle in the Citizen Consultation platform of the Public Vehicle Registry (REPUVE) by filling in the information requested.

Remember to mention the valuables that were inside the car and any important documents.

Some documents that you may have left in the stolen car are:

  • Your registration card
  • The original invoice of the vehicle

  • Your car insurance policy
Todo el proceso de denuncia te ayudará para simplificar el trámite de indemnización por robo de vehículo con tu aseguradora.
The entire complaint process will help you to simplify the process of compensation for vehicle theft with your insurer.

If your current address or the keys to your house were written on any document of your vehicle, it is worth changing the locks .

If you filed your complaint with the Public Ministry without the assistance of an adjuster or insurer personnel, it is important that you request proof of the complaint in order to receive compensation from the insurer with your total theft coverage.

5. Location or compensation of your stolen vehicle

When you have reported and reported the theft of the vehicle to the insurer, what they call waiting period begins in which both the insurer and the authority will try to locate the vehicle.

This period can last up to 90 days, although normal is that the insurer gives you a response within 15 Y 30 days after the vehicle theft was reported.

After this period, if neither one nor the other can locate it, the insurer must pay you the compensation for total theft .

It is important that you remember that until this period is exhausted, the insurer will not make the payment of the compensation.

If instead your vehicle is located, they will deliver the vehicle to you once the necessary documentation has been filled out.

If your recovered vehicle shows any damage, the insurer will cover the costs of the repair .

Make sure your insurance is current by checking the status of your current policy at NO COST. It doesn't matter which insurer your policy is from. Or, compare insurance prices in less than 10 seconds to find the best price for the car insurance you need .

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